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Introduction to Altruism
A task for the intelligentsia

Have you ever understood how wonderful the creation of new life starts, inside every flower? Or, thought about the purpose of its existence? Do you know every time you are witnessing this, there is a true ceremony going on, a solemn moment where Nature announces that new life is busy to develop in this plant?

Yes… Nature creates a solemn moment inside a blooming flower when it creates new life. Nature has arranged those many varieties of colourfully flower petals unfurling around this mystery how plants are able to make copies from themselves.  Was this ceremony meant to throw the attention of humans and think more profoundly about the enigmas surrounding us? Although, Due to our advanced knowledge, we now understand in detail what complex organization is surrounding us and enabled the creation of new life uninterruptedly during centuries!

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While unravelling the functions of this organization, during many years, the author got a better insight how, and in what way living beings are depending from each other. Meaning which natural rules living beings, also we humans have to follow. He found that the have a common bound: a sense of altruism that is obliging them to take care of each other! The author wrote a book called “ Introduction to Altruism”, through which he tries to motivate the intelligentsia, and moral teachers to explain to the population why a deeper knowledge about nature and the existence of other living beings is necessary to learn them to accept common rules how to behave toward each other. The book explains why the organization which controls living beings considered it necessary to etch a feeling of solidarity into the genes of the DNA inside beings, as a basic rule of behaviour. It also explains how exact science discovered just how perfect the organisation which controls living beings is.

Together, Nature forms a source of examples how to align our current human organisation on the basis of altruism which is binding living beings in groups together. This altruism is lacking in our human organisations: selfishness, and a disposition to give!

In this book, ideas are proposed on how to take lessons from the organization of nature, and to integrate them in our human organizations.

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ISBN: 978-621-8023-37-6
Author: Joseph De Temmerman
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Published: October 2017
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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mafe – Writer

    This book is so inspiring!
    The author talks a lot of things that so helpful, awakening for moral leaders, scientist, researchers and especially for the younger generation.
    Why altruism is so important in Human Existence?

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Vermella – Researcher

    Life gave us up side down, but what matter is that God always given us a chance to change and to have another start. Always believed have faith, value and cherish every moment you have. Life is too short to be unhappy. Trust God everything happened for a reason.
    In this book you will see the different view of happiness, real happiness perhaps. Very interesting and inspiring.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Catherine – Data Analyst

    My friend recommended this book. The book is so rich in information about the welfare of individuality and nature, which was very interesting to read. A careful and detailed book, the author shared his own experiences to deliver the message about Altruism. I think this kind of book should be in bookstores and universities where people can have a chance to read, appreciate and to gain knowledge about altruism – why we need Altruism. We all need to be an Altruist. Good job! A good read indeed!

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