Our Story

In 2011, United Tribes Organisation Study group (UTROS) was established in the Philippines as a non-profit organisation. It started with a spark of ideas from our founder’s viewpoint, and the results of his research and study about the structure of nature’s   organisation which holds living beings depending of each other. It initiated in a burning desire to look for fellow souls who should share his passion for knowledge.

Then, he found this group of young University Students in Philippines whose desire for a better world to live and become its active members. Working together with them UTROS story began, its vision became clearer as we believe that altruism unites all living beings on our Mother Earth and each other as we understand how nature works as a perfect organisation. It is our hope and belief in humanity that we can live in harmony when each of us takes courage to think and act for our common wellbeing.

Founder’s Footnote

In 2010, the consequences of immigration from foreign cultures into the old European ones started to be felt clearly. I considered it necessary to found a study group to look into the ways in which one would be able to better align the differences in behaviour of those immigrants pouring in the original inhabitants, something which has such detrimental consequences that can be summarized as “developing rules from the viewpoint of a Common Moral Conscience“. I had partly already understood the reasons for immigration to occur during my several travels to the developing countries in five of the seven continents, where I also learned to speak different languages. The best plan to understand the causes of immigration to its full extent was to found a study group with university graduates in one of the countries where millions of migrants still originate today: the Philippines.

The aim of the study group was to commence research into the adaption of human behaviour to our circumstances today, starting from the roots where each culture of the individual human groups developed, i.e. the original tribes. For this reason, I called this study group UTROS, an abbreviation which stands for “United Tribes Organisation Study Group”. We quickly came up with the idea to involve natural laws for living beings in our research.

Since Living Nature seems to be a source of good ideas, we investigated the old Theory of Evolution more closely. We have clarified this theory with new insights, since the old one still attracts much criticism. It is however necessary most of all to make it clear to the common people how humans developed, since they need a better understanding of why they should not hurt the feelings of other people from other regions based on their own behaviour, yet must respect them. My cooperation with UTROS, with so many youthful spirits with young ideas, combined with my old experiences about domains of science, has resulted in the development of certain new ideas.

One of these ideas was that modern people must be trained better in logical thinking. They must also be made aware of the risks of emotional behavioural patterns.

Another idea is to involve the educational institutions, the religions and creeds, also all organisations providing services, in our plan to inform the population better about the importance of a unanimous moral attitude of citizens which have to live together in a society.

Altruism is a timeless emotion and within reach of every thought. It is an emotion that ties all humans together .