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Altruism eliminates tension and brings out collaboration

Grab a copy of Introduction to Altruism: A task for the intelligentsia by Joseph De Temmerman.

Learn more about Altruism

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Why Living beings create a copies of themselves by: Joseph De Temmerman
During the evolution of living beings, there came a time when the creative power of an unknown omnipotence evolved the living beings which had been designed and spread out across the Earth by then to such an extent that they succeeded in engraving a considerably scaled-down copy of their individual structure into a certain part of their own bodies. 



The Origin of Living Beings|by: Joseph De Temmerman
Why do we exist as Human beings? Why it so important to know the reason of our existence? To answer the first question we have understand what happens in nature. Science is busy in a fast way to unravel the secrets of nature and its living beings. She is discovering a huge amount of intelligence used in the construction of living beings. 



Forces in Nature and Moral Behaviour|by: Joseph De Temmerman

Human behavior flows from three main sources: Desire, Emotion and Knowledge. -Plato
When an engineers with a great understanding of how mechanical systems work, we examine and are beginning to understand how the organization of all living beings functions due to our actual knowledge, we must come to the conclusion that the unknown Intelligence of an Almighty Force has been at work to create such an organization. 

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By: UTROS in Philippines Inc.

“Disability is not a hindrance to fulfil your dreams trust God and believe in yourself.”

This is a story of Elvic Ballenas, twenty four years old from Patnongon, Antique, who has a congenital bone disorder. He graduated last April 2018 with a Bachelor Degree in Management Accounting at University of Antique. Read More

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