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Mental Health in the Younger Generation by: Carmela Africa

Youth… A topic that was once equal with nothing but positivity and full of power, has now become associated with sensitive subjects like pressure and self-doubt. The previous generation has grown past their primes. They say that you should “finish whatever it is that you have started” 

The garden of mind by: SV

How a man’s mind can be compared to a garden? “Good thoughts, good fruits and bad thoughts produce bad fruits”- James Allen Like plant that originated from its seeds, thus a man from hidden seeds of his thought. The man actions are the product of his thought. 

Technology in modern society by: Krishia Mae Espino

Over the past few decades, our society had undergone many changes may it be good or bad. The behaviour of people living in the society had changed since then, seemingly affected by social norms and different beliefs might as well by the impact of technology.

The creation of living beings by: Joseph De Temmerman

When looking at all animals of creation, it is striking that the majority of animal beings on earth have common characteristics, to begin with the structures of their bodies. Whether dinosaurs, elephants, humans, birds or mice the basic structure of their bodies are the same.


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What’s the world religions and individual tells about morality? How can we improve the society human moral aspect towards the community development? Today’s video is all about the insights from different religions and academic professionals about human morality. Change is inevitable which greatly affects our behavior. A world where conflict and tension arise because of human immorality, selfishmness and hunger for earthly wealth and power. These gives us the motivation to organize a study and research about human behavior; more specifically in moral aspect. 

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