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UTROS in Philippines and Department of Environment and Natural Resources invite you to make a difference and clean Metro Manila’s only wetland and endangered bird sanctuary on October 19, 2019, Saturday at 7:00 AM


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Seek to inspire Inside the National Museum

UTROS at National Museum written by Ella Gasga UTROS exploring at National Museum On March 13, 2019, UTROS in Philippines visited the newly renovated National Museum of Natural History located at the heart of numerous historical heritages in Manila, Philippines.

The Phantasm of Freedom

Freedom is about satisfying your every impulse. That sometimes know you into a false phantasm that you are the mind and the body. Freedom is celebrated and encouraged in our society modernization.

How modernization influence the youth?

December 27, 2018, UTROS in Philippines Inc. invited a young group of people to join in their youth discussion on the influences of today’s modernization in our moral norm. We asked this young group “How modernization influences their way of life and our moral norms?”




We are open for discussion of all domains of science with participation of individuals who would like to seek, learn and act with the goal of enlightenment through solidarity and good will.

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Introduction to Altruism: a task for the intelligentsia

The word Altruism means loving other living beings. Being an Altruist during my lifetime, I was trying to find out what people need to live happily because since the ancient times quarrels between tribes and the people outside have been carried on up until today. Therefore, I put all my attention to the structure of nature where all of those said beings live in harmony as they depend on each other.

People are not aware enough about the secret motives if their daily actions. Now, they have lost contact with nature and do not find any more time to reflect about the real basics of their life. This book describes the way I discover how essential Altruism is. It will also try to give the readers an insight about the teaching of many religions.

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