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Introduction to Altruism: a task for the intelligentsia

Is a book with collective ideas about Natural Laws, Human Nature, Economics, Science, and Religions. The author based this book on his own lifelong personal experiences, research, observation, and study group with young professionals. The idea begins with his experience of violence during World War II. He has observed that people nowadays are becoming too greedy for wealth and power that destroys humanity as well as nature.

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Despite his old age (83), he was determined to preserve his hopes and dreams from generation to generation for a better society. He urgently compiled these ideas and left this book as his legacy to his founding non-profit organization UTROS (United Tribes Organization Study Group) in Philippines Inc.

The Introduction to Altruism is the root idea of UTROS, wherein each member feels they found a second home and a family. Where altruism resides, each member shows empathy, love, and understanding that has built a strongly committed group to do what is good for their wellbeing.

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Product Description

ISBN         : 978-621-8023-37-6
Author     : Joseph De Temmerman
Publisher : Books on Demand Philippines Inc.
Published : October 2017
Pages       : 246
Format    : Paperback
Weight     : 0.33 kg
Height     : 9 inches
Width      : 6 inches


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  1. Vermella – Researcher

    Life gave us up side down, but what matter is that God always given us a chance to change and to have another start. Always believed have faith, value and cherish every moment you have. Life is too short to be unhappy. Trust God everything happened for a reason.
    In this book you will see the different view of happiness, real happiness perhaps. Very interesting and inspiring.

  2. Kath

    My friend recommended this book. The book is so rich in information about the welfare of individuality and nature, which was very interesting to read. A careful and detailed book, the author shared his own experiences to deliver the message about Altruism. I think this kind of book should be in bookstores and universities so that students and professors could read this book. I believe that students specially those who are taking up Psychology, Theology or Soxiology might appreciate and can gain knowledge on what altruism is all about – why do we even need to know Altruism. Good book and author!

  3. ameliaalperie

    The author is so courageous to confess his life experienced.

    It gives a life lesson!

    Yes, indeed we are experiencing turmoil: insufficient food, water, clean air etc. The natural and human disaster increases each year and the main reason egoistic human beings.

    This book that talks ALTRUISM challenge us to think and act in altruistic way as a bridge to connect living being to maintain and sustain the balance of life.

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