A Five Letter Word

Written by: Vinna Moreno
UTROS in Philippines Inc.


There are numerous five letter words that can be found in the dictionary but what is this word that makes everybody go on with their lives especially this time of pandemic that we are facing right now?
Do you have any idea what it is? Let us see if your idea is the same as mine too.

In this kind of situation, it seems like we don’t know how to go on and move forward in our everyday lives. Some of us are scared if they are the carrier or the victim of this illness that surrounds our world but there are some who do not care. Many of us are sad because of this pandemic and the sudden changes that we have right now. How? How are we going to survive? What will happen tomorrow? When will this end? So many questions that need answers but if you are going to ask me, I am not rich to help others, I can’t go outside to volunteer and help in distributing goods, but what can I do? What can you do for others in this time? It is simple, a five letter word, a magic word that we do every time we take a picture SMILE! A smile can be a simple word but it changes our mood of the day right? A smile can be given to someone we do not know, a smile that we share in times of sadness and a smile that we give even though deep inside we are crying. It is good to give a smile to everyone, so you! What are you waiting for?

Start your day with a smile and everything will follow!

The smile that you wear will give a positive impact to someone who will see it, especially your family. We always watch news, we go on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, we see different videos, positive and negative posts about this pandemic, but what we can see in social media is not just sadness but a happiness from those people who cannot help but can make a video that makes everyone smile and laugh even our front liners and the victims of this COVID-19 smiles when they see a funny videos and a funny posts. You know why this post helps everyone to survive this situation? Because a smile on one’s face is a sign of positivity and motivation to go and fight against this battle. Thank you to those people who keep on uploading funny posts and videos because this means a lot to everyone. You know what, I am also one of those Filipino who is afraid, and thinks a lot, but I asked myself, is this helping me and my family? If I will show fear what will happen to the people surrounding me? How can I see those smiles that I want to keep an eye on? So, I tell myself, I am not going to let fear and sadness beat me, instead I will change it into a smile that will motivate me and my family, a smile that tells us to be positive and we can do it up to the finish line.

A smile that will remove something negative on us and makes us move forward and stay happy. A smile is complete if we help on our own little ways and of course if we pray to Him our worries and fears because I know He will help us withdraw everything that is negative and He will never leave us. People will smile if they know that someone out there is praying for them, especially those who are victims of COVID-19, a front liner or a person who makes himself safe from this illness. There are many ways to make someone smile, sometimes you need to make an effort but sometimes an effort of smiling is a big help to everyone. Do not hesitate to give your big smile to someone, because all of us need it and soon someone will smile on you and you will say thank you.

Isn’t it good to smile? A smile that we share because this is the reason why we need to go on in our path. There is always a reason why we are here in this situation now and this is not the end of our journey. We need to move forward with a smile on our face for in the end this smile is not just a smile of hope but a smile of every person who passed this challenge. This time we do not wear elegant clothes, make up to put on our face, and expensive bags to use, what we need to wear is our best smile. So do not forget to start your day with a smile and thank God for a new life.

This time, may I ask you? Do we have the same idea about that five letter word?

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