A higher sense of Purpose

by Lilet Jacaban

“I believe that if you don’t derive a deep sense of purpose from what you do, if you don’t come  radiantly alive several times a day, if you don’t feel deeply grateful at the tremendous good fortune that has been bestowed on you, then you are wasting your life. And life is too short to waste.” – Shikumar Rao

People have been the most important element in building a world with a high sense of purpose. The world has offered people enormous amount of opportunities to live life at its best. With great motivation and good dealing, people tend to reach their desires and aspirations in life. That strong motivation in them is being transformed into a higher level state of well-being, carrying their hopes and  dreams for mankind.

We all exist for a reason and that reason finds its way to help us figure out what we wanted to do or what we want to offer in life. Knowing that each of us has a great purpose not just for ourselves but also for others fuels the hope of having a world where people are working for a common purpose. But let us first get to know ourselves and what we are capable of doing. Knowing oneself leads to an easy way of finding our life purpose. It is invigorating and motivating to do things and undertakings if we have that sense of self creating a great sense of purpose. This attempt of uniting people to have a common sense of purpose would not be that easy.

People have to realize first the meaning of being a single force in reaching a desired result where everybody will benefit. It undergoes a process with a thorough understanding about yourself and the environment you live in. But the thing is, creating a purpose for others means a higher sense of purpose. You do not just work out for yourself but affecting other people’s lives as well. Each of us has to feel that their role in achieving the success of such attempt highly counts. We do not work or do things to achieve the goal in a rush way either reaching the success that fast. There come the many obstacles that might be encountered along with the process but that’s just a test on how long we can go. Are we going to allow these hindrances to stop us from getting what we have worked hard right from the very beginning? Of course, the answer has to be, no! We don’t have to be afraid and get tired of mistakes and failures. We need to be stubborn about our dreams for humanity. Finding our own purpose isn’t enough. Each of us in the challenge of creating a purpose for all. 

Today’s generation is facing a challenge on building a world where everyone has a sense of purpose. You have to find it your own and share it to others. We are all needed by the world and we all have to face and to work for something ahead of us. People need to feel that we are all part of something bigger than that of ourselves. Let us all get connected and find the true happiness through finding a higher sense of purpose for everyone. With that, how do you get started? How do we get move forward together?

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