United Tribes Organization Study Group

UTROS is a non-governmental organization that conducts study and research to understand the thriving forces such
as care for each other in human and nature to extend awareness for sustainable development.


We envision a world with an improved quality of life by understanding human and nature.


To extend awareness towards sustainable development
by teaching and practicing Altruism.


The care for other living beings must be the core of our organizational aspirations. UTROS believes that human limited time on earth should be used to the real purpose of existence: Help each other.

Culture of Altruism and Leadership
With integrity and compassion we consider the welfare of common good, through empathy for our fellow humans, to be an instrument in making differences and with collaboration. We passionately study, research and figure out how we can contribute for a larger good.

Respect to Diversity and Individuality
Embrace and understand cultural differences and spiritual uniqueness as we believe that each one of us is only a small part of a big picture of living nature.

Dedicated to Humanity and Environmental Awareness
With empowerment and innovation, we engage our research and study group to a larger community with ideas and solution that will shape the society through effective philanthropy, self-enrichment, social-digital responsibility, and environmental responsible behavior and services.

Commitment to Personal Growth and Accountability
With the spirit of optimism, we demand ourselves and members to set high goals and take discipline for continuous development.