Altruism in Living Nature 

By Joseph De Temmerman 

When we look at its way of working Living Nature provides us with the examples how it make living bring co-operate: A fruit- i.e something edible -grows free on trees, available to all living beings. Humans in their factories and their production process also create edible products but against payment. Since humans invented the economy, it no longer seems possible for humans to provide something really free of charge.The further we went into our studies of the manner in which Living Nature can work eternally, the more we discovered that the mechanism upon which this function is founded lies in the selflessness with which living beings provide each other with energy! We call such phenomenon here Altruism. This now helps us understand e.g the way in which termites live together as an ideal society: with the help of a continuous awareness of the importance of each other’s presence! This clarifies what must be improved in our human relations: If the philathropic  care of the few is extended to everyone, we would therefore have to become the modern password by which humans of good will can recognize each other. This conclusion is a very deep one: actual world leaders should start to reflect about this. I am not busily trying to find a new theory here. Those knights who lived just a few hundred years ago already ascribed to generosity as an attribute which they were proud of and put it on their blazon. They were called men of honour. Their sense of honour was the righteous counterpart of the kind of pride which led whole peoples to their doom. In my youth, I still enthusiastically read the stories if how they drew their swords in combat to fight injustice. The reversal of this moral feeling can be seen in today’s human relationships everywhere, even in sports events, where a sense of honour also had to make way for self interest. The economy, with its clear lack of moral understanding (an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth ) mainly teaches modern people how they can satisfy their self interest. The more human are taught egoism by the economic system, there further we deviate from this sense of honour this is as necessary as the glue to bind people together. 

For us as humans, with our unique technical understanding, it is possible to understand the complex technically constructed context of how Nature which surrounds us is constructed. Living Nature therefore consists of a whole of systems coordinated with each other. The deeper we  penetrate towards the plan of the Organization of Living Beings, the more admiration we experience for the ingeniousness of its structure, and the whole of the complexity of its execution. It is with real pleasure that we will explain further in which way and why various stages have to be included in the development of life itself. We hope to provide humanity as a whole with more trust in the workings and laws of Living Nature as a unique mechanism this way. By understanding more about the workings this complex mechanism, the intelligentsia above all must understand that such mechanism is  made to measure for this brains.