Digital and Sociocultural Diversity

Digital and Sociocultural Diversity Theme : “Embracing Digital - Socio Cultural Diversity for Sustainable Development” Topic : How digital and social cultural diversity of today’s young people could help or affect the society? Date : April 7, 2018 Location : AVR Hall, University of Antique, Sibalom, Antique Participants: University Students Speaker : Hon. Eric Otayde - currently Provincial Information Officer of Antique and Professor,  Former Board Member,

Why Living Beings Create Copies of Themselves?

Why Living Beings create a copies of themselves? by: Joseph De Temmerman During the evolution of living beings, there came a time when the creative power of an unknown omnipotence evolved the living beings which had been designed and spread out across the Earth by then to such an extent that they succeeded in engraving a considerably scaled-down copy of their individual structure into a certain part of their own bodies.

The Origin of Living Beings

Why do we exist as Human beings? Why it so important to know the reason of our existence? To answer the first question we have understand what happens in nature. Science is busy in a fast way to unravel the secrets of nature and its living beings. She is discovering a huge amount of intelligence used in the construction of living beings. While continuing their analysis, the scientists are coming to the

Forces in Nature and Moral behavior

Forces in Nature and Moral behavior by: Joseph De Temmerman   Human behavior flows from three main sources: Desire, Emotion and Knowledge. -Plato   When an engineers with a great understanding of how mechanical systems work, we examine and are beginning to understand how the organization of all living beings functions due to our actual knowledge, we must come to the conclusion that the unknown Intelligence of an Almighty Force

Sense of Responsibility

Sense of Responsibility by Lilet Jacaban “You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.”- Jim Rohn “The most important thing is to have a sense of responsibility, commitment, and concern for each of our fellow human beings.” – Dalai Lama. This statement fosters character development and challenges people in

Social and Cultural Research Development Program

"Workshop on Social and Cultural Research Development Program                   Building a strong social and cultural exchange foundation is important concept for sustainable development. It play a significant role of defining direction of further development in achieving quality of life of human, nature and society. This is a bridge that could help people better understand each other as well as the world we live where we could find