The Phantasm of Freedom

Freedom is about satisfying your every impulse. That sometimes know you into a false phantasm that you are the mind and the body. Freedom is celebrated and encouraged in our society modernization. It has shown heroic and pride. Hence, this is unrealistic.

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Youth Discussion: How Modernization Influences Our Moral Norms?

Youth Discussion: How Modernization Influences Our Moral Norms? “Modernization, socialization, and progression doesn’t alter nor permit discarding the morals and the laws one should abide themselves too.” ― Avra Amar Filion, The Ellison Effect December 27, 2018, UTROS in Philippines Inc. invited young group of people to join in our youth discussion about the influences of today’s modernization to our moral norm. We asked this young group “How modernization influences their way of life? How it influence our moral norms?” 

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Mental health in the younger generation

Mental Health in the Younger Generation by: Carmela A. Youth... A topic that was once equal with nothing but positivity and full of power, has now become associated with sensitive subjects like pressure and self-doubt. The previous generation has grown past their primes. They say that you should “finish whatever it is that you have started” but they themselves couldn’t solve almost all of the problems that include Inequality, Racism, Misogyny, as well as Millions worth of Debts. That they have created. Because of these issues, they have no one else to blame but the generations after them. Millennials are

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The garden of mind

The garden of mind by: SV How a man’s mind can be compared to a garden? “Good thoughts, good fruits and bad thoughts produce bad fruits”- James Allen Like plant that originated from its seeds, thus a man from hidden seeds of his thought. The man actions are the product of his thought. Thought that could give him a fruit of happiness and joy or it could be other way as grief and suffering. Man could gather a sweet and bitter fruit age of his own plantation. This will depend if how he will care his garden. Man’s mind

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Technology in modern society

Technology in Modern Society by: Krishia Mae E. Over the past few decades, our society had undergone many changes may it be good or bad. The behaviour of people living in the society had changed since then, seemingly affected by social norms and different beliefs might as well by the impact of technology. While society evolves, different form of technologies has surfaced as it grows with the development of humanity. Technology played a massive role in changing and shaping our society wherein it has become part of our daily lives. It paved us a way towards progress and innovations

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The creation of living beings

The Creation of Living Beings by: Joseph De Temmerman When looking at all animals of creation, it is striking that the majority of animal beings on earth have common characteristics, to begin with the structures of their bodies. Whether dinosaurs, elephants, humans, birds or mice the basic structure of their bodies are the same. All bodies consist of a skeleton that is suspended from hips. These hips are hinge points that allow the movement of animals and people through a base with two legs. With the birds it’s noticeable that they have wings at the front, while the majority of

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