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The Origin of Living beings by Joseph De Temmerman To answer the first question we have understand what happens in nature. Science is busy in a fast way to unravel the secrets of nature and its living beings. She is discovering a huge amount of intelligence used in the construction of living beings. While continuing their analysis, the scientists are coming to the conclusion that each living being is an independent functioning mechanism. If all those mechanisms are functioning independently why do we as human need each other? This is a moral question that only can be answered after many other questions

Forces in Nature and Moral behavior by Joseph De Temmerman Human behavior flows from three main sources: Desire, Emotion and Knowledge. -Plato When an engineers with a great understanding of how mechanical systems work, we examine and are beginning to understand how the organization of all living beings functions due to our actual knowledge, we must come to the conclusion that the unknown Intelligence of an Almighty Force has been at work to create such an organization. From the beginning of time, the system that connects living beings in nature has demonstrated just how perfectly it is

How to reconcile our moral dogmas by Joseph De Temmerman This is a personal opinion, but I am convinced that in questions such as these, where not only the different religions, but also some ideologies literally barricade themselves in inside their entrenched camps behind dogmas, some small, harmless opinion makers with their logically grounded argumentation have a chance of being accepted as a party of reconciliation. With today´s technologies, the human world has become a small village, where the ideological welfare between these entrenched camps takes on new, disturbing proportions. Today, they are the cause

Moral belief by Lilet Jacaban "Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought." -Pope John Paul II There are many aspects to consider when it comes to human life. According to Donald Taylor II on Prezi, there are six basic human aspects of life - thought, feeling, choice, body, social context and soul or spiritual. All the above factors are what make us who we are as humans. But what seem to matter the most is the latter (soul/spiritual) which integrates all the prior components

Social Dynamics by Lilet Jacaban The most significant players of the society are people. They are the greatest influence with how the environment is more likely to be. Their acts and behaviors influence one another and we are being honed with the involvement of many factors and the environment that we live in. People should learn the value of social influence and how it affects our own development and manifest others. Social dynamics refers to the behavior of groups that result from their interaction from an individual or group of people. There are a lot