The Religion – How you are similar with followers of other religions?

The religion - How you are similar with followers of other religions? by: Prof. Kazem Vafadari, PH.D You may have thought how your religion makes you different with other people. Here we will take your attention that how your religion may teach your similarities with other people with different religion. The history of religion is as long as human history and people have been always seeking for something ideal, powerful and perfect that has no example in human society or humans themselves. This is to satisfy a need, an unavoidable need to worship the perfect and pure. The main reason is that

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The Doctrine of Humbleness

The Doctrine of Humbleness by: Joseph De Temmerman Haughtiness is undoubtedly the origin of the worst evil. A person who magnifies his own significance humiliates others. That’s something we inherited from the animal world. The epitome of haughtiness, that is conceit can be seen with the turkey. The turkey, rooster raises his feathers on his body vertically. That gives him the appearance of a heavy beast, and he proudly raises his tail feathers fan shaped and keeps his ugly head pressed backwards. He makes pompous, calculating steps. Which is still not enough; he also lets his wing feathers drag along

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Learn While Playing

Learning while Playing by: Joseph De Temmerman Raising children is a continuous process: the first conscious stage a child passes through is mimicking his elders. The second phase is developing his own ideas. The third and actually most significant phase is puberty. It is that period of mutation during which a human makes the transition from child to adult, it feels its body change, senses the rise of new, indefinite needs, just the moment when adults prefer to keep silent and look the other way instead of giving advice. They rather leave it to their ignorant little friends to

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What is Human Behavior – How does human behavior influence our life and environment?

What is Human Behavior? How does human behavior influence our life and environment? by: Shai Human behavior in my own definition is simply the attitude of an individual towards living and non-living things. Each one of us has a unique behavior as we are born and raised in a different environment with different morals and values instilled to us as we grow up. As we grow up though, our behavior changes because we learn new things each day. We all grew up hearing “like father like son” and “like mother like daughter” greets. It is because we all agree that our

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