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Sense of responsibility

Sense of Responsibility by: Lilet Jacaban “You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.”- Jim Rohn “The most important thing is to have a sense of responsibility, commitment, and concern for each of our fellow human beings.” – Dalai Lama. This statement fosters character development and challenges people in building self-discipline. Human beings are naturally self-seeking and consciousness carrier. With our sense of responsibility, determining satisfaction and success in all areas of our lives will be a lot easier. Sense

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Awareness  by: Lilet Jacaban Life goes beyond thought, speech, feeling and action. It is awareness that makes it all meaningful.Being aware of the people around you and the environment you are with is a key responsibility to oneself. But before that, you have to build first self-awareness. In doing so, you will get to know yourself deeply, it will help you understand other people, and it will aid you in dealing people and yourself as well when it comes to emotions and situated actions. It guides you in building a character that other people may perceive you to be

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Future Existence

Future existence by: Lilet Jacaban Thinking of the future is everybody’s responsibility to oneself. It is a way of viewing your future and how it is going to be as better as it could. With that, things that we have and we do today must be outsourced to create a well-being preparing for future existence. Upon thinking of it, it is just easy for us to visualize things out and our imagination helps us in envisioning too good to be true aspirations in life. We might have created a good one but the question is how are we going

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Digital and Sociocultural Diversity

Digital and Sociocultural Diversity Theme : “Embracing Digital - Socio Cultural Diversity for Sustainable Development” Topic : How digital and social cultural diversity of today’s young people could help or affect the society? Date : April 7, 2018 Location : AVR Hall, University of Antique, Sibalom, Antique Participants: University Students Speaker : Hon. Eric Otayde - currently Provincial Information Officer of Antique and Professor,  Former Board Member, Former Provincial Administrator and Town Councilor Abstract Digital Socio Cultural diversity workshop will explore the impact of a powerful global media-driven culture on young people, and how it has

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Social and Cultural Research Development Program

"Workshop on Social and Cultural Research Development Program                   Building a strong social and cultural exchange foundation is important concept for sustainable development. It play a significant role of defining direction of further development in achieving quality of life of human, nature and society. This is a bridge that could help people better understand each other as well as the world we live where we could find a harmonizing and comfortable system for humanity. Managing human and natural resources must well-grounded element for sustainable development in considering the scientific and spiritual connection.                    Today, the growth and

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The Old Cultures

The Old Cultures Wonder by: Joseph De Temmerman Two years ago, I was allowed to make my acquaintance with the leader of an age-old Buddhist monastery that lay fraternally next to a Shintoïst sanctuary. An area with a mountain range as focal point called the Peninsula, in Kyushu Island in Japan, beside that very island where an atomic bomb wiped out thousands in one blow. As on a number of occasions before, I sensed an irresistible urge to interrupt my activities for a while and seek counsel there. As I continued firing questions at the wise man, I saw

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