by Lilet Jacaban

“Life goes beyond thought, speech, feeling and action. It is awareness that makes it all meaningful.”

Being aware of the people around you and the environment you are with is a key responsibility to oneself. But before that, you have to build first self-awareness.In doing so, you will get to know yourself deeply, it will help you understand other people,and it will aid you in dealing people and yourself as well when it comes to emotions and situated actions. It guides you in building a character that other people may perceive you to be and as you develop self-awareness you are able to make changes pertaining to  your thoughts and opinions about matters.

Through self-awareness people would come to realize when their life is taking them. It would provide a path which goes to a person’s behavior, beliefs, emotion and personality to be conscious of the happenings around the environment. It leads people to react on basic situations faced in an everyday basis through the knowledge gained he has. Having clear recognition of one’s thought will help in understanding different people especially in handling conflicts and building a relationship.

In the process of knowing oneself, you are developing a sense of responsibility that leads in the beginning of a more responsive and motivated personality that engages to the community issues. This enables you to have a wider perspective of what life could bring you and what you could contribute to make life worthwhile. Think of learning to be mindful and become an active participant in spreading awareness in all aspects in your community. This would give you sense of purpose and the drive to be a person of good character and influence.

Life couldn’t be that easy but it will all depend upon how you are going to make it valuable to yourself and to others. It is in your hand where the path which leads to the answers to long issues of society and the success of resolving it lies. Start building awareness and see how your actions could move other people!

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