Behind the secret Book Launch

by UTROS in Philippines
March 3, 2018


Once you’ve finished writing and publishing your amazing book, you need to celebrate this important milestone with a book launch party. A strategic publicity and marketing campaign helps spread the word about your finished book. After so many years of putting and dedicating his life on writing, we successfully released the book of our founder “Introduction to Altruism: a task for the intelligentsia”, a new book written by Sir Joseph De Temmerman. It was all planned out, we made all the arrangements before we decided to let all the members know about the book launch and without the knowledge of the Author and Founder. We, at UTROS organized the event and secretly invited friends and people to celebrate with us and join the first ever public release of the hard work of Sir Joseph.

As a first time author, Sir Joseph has always loved reading and writing. He had actually written articles attributed to natural laws. He started a study group in 2011 with a group of University Students and still growing up to the present. Today, UTROS conducted varieties of activities such as free workshops in line with its vision, seminars for career growth of the employees and different training. This time, after long years of waiting and hard work of sweat, blood and tears – the book was launched. It was a great day for us to see the smile and excitement from the face of our founder as he also celebrated his 88th Birthday that day. He surprisingly saw a bunch of people greeting and congratulating him. It was also perfect timing for a book signing for the people who purchased the book during the event. Good food was also served! This event made us realized that the presence of someone was really important to show support to your loved ones. With the help of the members of UTROS, former employees, friends and families, we couldn’t achieve this successful event.

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