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New Educational System:Effective Remote Learning Written By: Princess SeeUTROS in Philippines Inc. Education has an important role in a person’s life and society. Over the past months, the educational system is being challenged to adjust and adapt to the new normal. Many schools are reconstructing their plans and strategies to continue providing education to the students. Several teaching methods have been incorporated. The transition to distance learning needs a huge preparation, research, and review to make sure that education will be effective. Some instructions being implemented are sending home paper materials packages, devices, WIFI, and conducting online courses. [...]

How to Stay Healthy during Quarantine Period: Food and Nutrition Tips to Follow! Written By: Princess SeeUTROS in Philippines Inc. The world has been battling with COVID-19 pandemic for months already. In this crisis, it is important to be mindful of our health. Aside from the basic preventive measures we need to apply such as wearing face masks and washing our hands, it is necessary to keep ourselves healthy. Good nutrition is crucial for health, particularly in this pressing period when the immune system is essential to combat the virus. Moreover, it is important to remain physically active [...]

Fun Activities You Can Do at Home Written by: Princess Alwin See UTROS in Philippines Inc. Finding productive things to do? Or you just simply want to try something new? Or are you thinking of doing a hobby again you have not done for a long time because of your busy schedule? Here are some activities you can try at home so you would not be attracted to go out anymore. Better to stay home to keep yourself and other people safe. Read books Whether you want to read an interesting story or educate yourself and gain new [...]

Stay Well-Informed with Facts: How to Spot Fake News Written by: Princess Alwin See UTROS in Philippines Inc. With technological advancement, we could acquire and even share information and current news easily, speedily, and conveniently. Mass media now includes not only television, radio, and newspaper but also the so-called, new media. New media involves digital technologies that make use of computers and the Internet which have led to products and services providing information or entertainment. The presence of new media has broadened the reach of news. Nowadays, there are already different online publications, online news outlets, and social [...]

Protecting our Environment Starts with Us Written by: Princess Alwin See UTROS in Philippines Inc.   Proper waste disposal is important as certain types of wastes can be harmful to the environment if not handled properly. Improper disposal of hazardous wastes can pollute soil, water, and air, which can lead to problems with both environment and human health. According to Republic Act (RA) 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000, “Solid waste management describes as a discipline associated with the control of generation, storage, collection, transfer and transport, processing, and disposal of solid wastes. RA [...]