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  Challenge Accepted! Written by: Mabel Formigones UTROS in Philippines Inc.   "What do I have?" Have you ever asked that question to yourself before? Or you just focused on the things that you do not have? People, in general, tend to focus on getting the things they want and forgetting the things that they already have. I, myself, are one of them. Until a sudden and unexpected eye opener came along and hit me in the head. A disease named Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) which originated in Wuhan, China hit, not just my country, but the whole [...]

  A Five Letter Word Written by: Vinna Moreno UTROS in Philippines Inc.   There are numerous five letter words that can be found in the dictionary but what is this word that makes everybody go on with their lives especially this time of pandemic that we are facing right now? Do you have any idea what it is? Let us see if your idea is the same as mine too. In this kind of situation, it seems like we don’t know how to go on and move forward in our everyday lives. Some of us are scared [...]

  How we can make the Philippines great? Written by: MFP UTROS in Philippines Inc. “Bayang magiliw  Perlas ng Silanganan,  Alab ng puso,  Sa dibdib mo'y buhay…” This beautiful piece we sang with pride serves as a reminder for us Filipinos; a reminder of our core, patriotism and values. But as time passes by, the fire seems to die slowly like a melting candle. Yes! And it’s the same fire which our ancestors had as they fought for our independence. Writing this, I cannot help but wonder. Who are we and where are we right now? What have [...]

  Spread Hope and Love, not Virus Written by: Princess Alwin See UTROS in Philippines   Entering 2020, everyone is hopeful for a year of prosperity, success, and breakthroughs. Though we all know that life is full of challenges, we got overwhelmed with the global happenings that occurred by the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020; Amazon wildfires, Australia wildfires, coronavirus, and Taal Volcano eruption dominated news headlines worldwide. It felt like the longest January ever. Just as we thought we could take a break from all the top issues the following months, we have faced [...]

  My Memorable Internship Experience by  Teoderik Domingo Senior High at MAPUA Manila Intern at UTROS in Philippines Inc.   Many things have happened over the time. With the current issues happening today, we can agree that the world has been more complex than before and only a little care enough about it. Making the world a better place may be difficult especially in today’s time. Although difficult, many are still striving for the betterment of the planet we are living in. The United Tribes Organization Study Group (UTROS) is just one of many organizations who aims to [...]