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  My Memorable Internship Experience by  Teoderik Domingo Senior High at MAPUA Manila Intern at UTROS in Philippines Inc.   Many things have happened over the time. With the current issues happening today, we can agree that the world has been more complex than before and only a little care enough about it. Making the world a better place may be difficult especially in today’s time. Although difficult, many are still striving for the betterment of the planet we are living in. The United Tribes Organization Study Group (UTROS) is just one of many organizations who aims to [...]

Mental Health in the Younger Generation by Carmela AfricaGraphic Designer Intern, UTROS in Philippines   Youth... A topic that was once equal with nothing but positivism and full of power has now become associated with sensitive subjects like pressure and self-doubt.- The previous generation has grown past their primes. They say that you should “finish whatever it is that you have started” but they themselves couldn’t solve almost all of the problems that include  Inequality, Racism, Misogyny, as well as Millions worth of Debts. That they have created. Because of these issues, they have no one [...]

The taint of Freedom of speech by JG "We are all entitled to our opinion but we must never forget on how to be human." I came from a country where freedom of speech were overly and abusively exercised by many, commonly expressed by aggravated emotion and unfiltered language be it in television, social media platforms and even on the streets. Yes! The way I described it may be harsh but this is purely based on my observation whenever I open my television and my social media account. Seeing and reading how aggravated they [...]

Seek to inspire inside the National Museum: Natural History by JG On March 3, 2019, UTROS in Philippines visited the newly renovated National Museum of Natural History located at the heart of numerous historical heritages in Manila, Philippines. Museums have become underrated. For decades, a number of people visiting and are interested in museums continue to decline probably because people nowadays are fascinated to technology. They feel that it is no longer necessary to pay a visit since it is already made available for them through the numerous search engines. They can easily get the information they [...]

The Phantasm of freedom by: SV Freedom is about satisfying your every impulse. That sometimes know you into a false phantasm that you are the mind and the body. Freedom is celebrated and encourages in our society modernization. It has shown heroic and pride. Hence, this is unrealistic. No person is self-sufficient of another nor living being which independent with other living being is the true law of nature. We are all reliant and connected in so many ways. For example, in this article, you might think that you are reading this on your own but if [...]