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Awareness by Lilet Jacaban "Life goes beyond thought, speech, feeling and action. It is awareness that makes it all meaningful." Being aware of the people around you and the environment you are with is a key responsibility to oneself. But before that, you have to build first self-awareness.In doing so, you will get to know yourself deeply, it will help you understand other people,and it will aid you in dealing people and yourself as well when it comes to emotions and situated actions. It guides you in building a character that other people may [...]

Future existence by Lilet Jacaban Thinking of the future is everybody's responsibility to oneself. It is a way of viewing your future and how it is going to be as better as it could. With that, things that we have and we do today must be outsourced to create a well-being preparing for future existence. Upon thinking of it,it is just easy for us to visualize things out and our imagination helps us in envisioning too good to be true aspirations in life. We might have created a good one but the question is how [...]

The Old Cultures Wonder by Joseph De Temmerman Two years ago, I was allowed to make my acquaintance with the leader of an age-old Buddhist monastery that lay fraternally next a Shintoist sanctuary. An area with a mountain range as focal point called the Peninsula, in Kyushu Island in Japan beside that very island where an atomic bomb wiped out thousands in one blow. As on a number of occasions before I sense an irresistible urge to interrupt my activities for a while and seek counsel there. As I continued firing questions at the [...]

The religion - How you are similar with followers of other religions? by Prof. Kazem Vadafari, PH.D You may have thought how your religion makes you different with other people. Here we will take your attention that how your religion may teach your similarities with other people with different religion. The history of religion is as long as human history and people have been always seeking for something ideal, powerful and perfect that has no example in human society or humans themselves. This is to satisfy a need, an unavoidable need to worship the perfect [...]

The Doctrine of Humbleness by Joseph De Temmerman Haughtiness is undoubtedly the origin of the worst evil. A person who magnifies his own significance humiliates others. That's something we inherited from the animal world. The epitome of haughtiness, that is conceit can be seen with the turkey. The turkey, rooster raises his feathers on his body vertically. That gives him the appearances of a heavy beast, and he proudly raises his tail feathers fan shaped and keeps his ugly head pressed backwards. He makes pompous, calculating steps. Which is still not enough; he also [...]