Brand Enhancement and Network Expansion Programs

by UTROS in Philippines
March 30, April 6, April 13, May 4


Resource Speaker: Professor Scott Tibayan is a Licensed Teacher and Professorial Lecturer for Business, Economics, Social Sciences, Public Governance and Management in Tertiary and Graduate Level.Accelerating ideas into markets is one the most important assets to an organization.

Branding is one of the most important things businesses do whether big or small, but it doesn’t happen overnight even to big companies of today. They don’t build their brand easily and need hard work to build a reputable brand and to gain trust. Branding acts as the voice of your our business. We have to set our minds that the stronger the brand the more successful the company will become. Through strong brand, people will recognize you automatically especially for a non-profit organization like us, and we are aiming to reach people for the common good. Creating a strong market identity is essential for us. The more people know about the organization, the more it also develops a level of trust for the people around you and digitally.

The seminar with Prof. Scott Tibayan lasted four days with 3-4 hours session a day. Prof. Scott, as our frequent speaker, He knew UTROS’ as an organization and he can identify what’s lacking in terms of effective branding. With the seminar, he gave us varieties of activities such as SWOT to determine and broaden our knowledge about the company, Question and Answer about business, Tagline making, Entrepreneurship and making the Policy development program which we set to be the goal of the organization for this year. The policy development process should be undertaken before program implementation. This helps personnel evaluate possible options and then select those that are best suited for a particular program. The Policy Development Program of UTROS refers to learning and development programs and activities. The goal is to be an accredited part of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and The Professional Regulation Commission, (Filipino: Komisyon sa Regulasyon ng mga Propesyon) otherwise known as the (PRC), is a three-man commission attached to Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). We are still in the process of completing all the requirements of effective process documents, so that if the policy development program happened, we could reach more Filipinos who really need the help of UTROS. And extend our arms for the awareness towards sustainable development. The seminar provided most of the important things an organization should know in building a strong brand.

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