Cinematography workshop

by UTROS in Philippines

Cinematography is the art and process of movie photography. An example of cinematography is the decisions made about lighting, camera filters and lenses when shooting a movie scene. Cinematography aims to build a story by creating interlocking shots that when edited and played together will tell the whole story.

This workshop held last February 11, 2019 with Mr. Darwin Empeno, a video maker and film maker. Mr. Darwin enlighten us to the world of cinematography. We’ve learned different things about the importance of lightning, camera settings, audio, location, background, etc. We are all aware that this field is really not that easy, it is a repetitive task which makes it challenging. If you ‘re an artist who made mistakes, you have to repeat the scenes or if unnecessary things happen for example involving audio issues, you have to repeat the scenes again. That’s totally fine as long as you enjoy and learn from it – which we did!

The workshop lasted five days of training with 1-2 hours sessions per day. The first session was all about investigating the brand of UTROS and how well we know the company as an employee or a member of the organization and to broaden our knowledge about the organization. He also reminded us the importance of being consistent in every materials we want to release in the future, it also includes the strength and weaknesses of the company. On the second day, we started making a script lesson to be use for the entire story of the video. This was the crucial part for us because making a script is really not that easy. You have to be precise and at the same time careful with the use of words as it will represent the the image of the company. It took two days for the script writing, checking and revising. The third day was plotting the storyboard from the script. This was actually a fun part because all the ideas and creativity of everyone was combined here. Every ideas about the script, transitions, filters and speed were all exactly placed in storyboard. The fourth day was the camera test or shooting day. It was such a tiring day but it was all extremely fun and worth it. All of us played different roles; main director, audio director, lightning man, camera B director and many more. The fifth day was for the raw editing, all the techniques, shortcuts and use of the software. It was fun filled experience, something you haven’t experienced all the time. You learn the emotions that impacts and helps us all to create the introductory video of the company.  It was reasonably realistic, and doing the work was unforgettable, we are all proud that we took part and put efforts on making the audio visual presentation of UTROS.



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