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Detailed introduction of magnetic pump  

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Detailed introduction of magnetic pump

Based on the centrifugal pump, magnetic drive pump is a new type of centrifugal chemical process pump, which uses magnetic coupling to realize the non-contact transmission of torque, no shaft seal, full seal, no leakage, corrosion resistance and pollution-free.

Magnetic pump is a kind of leakage free fluid conveying machinery without dynamic seal. The centrifugal pump in vane pump is mainly designed. It is usually composed of pump body, isolation sleeve and connecting parts, which can bear the pressure. There is a rotating permanent magnetic field outside the sealing cavity, and through the action of the magnetic field, the magnetic rotor parts inside the sealing cavity rotate synchronously, and the rotor parts inside the sealing cavity drive the impeller to work on the fluid. Since there is no dynamic seal in the shielding seal cavity composed of stator components, and the rotating shaft driving the impeller to do work does not pass through the shielding seal cavity, thus ensuring zero leakage and no pollution of the magnetic pump.

Magnetic drive pump (hereinafter referred to as magnetic pump) is usually composed of electric motor, strong coupling device and centrifugal pump. Its main feature is that the magnetic coupling device is used to transfer power. When the motor drives the external magnetic rotor of the magnetic coupling device to rotate, the magnetic line of force passes through the gap and isolation sleeve, acting on the inner magnetic rotor, so that the pump rotor and the motor rotate synchronously, and the torque is transmitted without mechanical contact Because the liquid is enclosed in a static isolation sleeve, there is no dynamic seal, so there is no leakage.



Posted : July 28, 2020 3:45 pm