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Operating rules for plunger pump test stand  

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Plunger pump in the operation, in the cleaning process, should have been responsible for the operation, do not leave people, to prevent accidents. The plunger pump shall lubricate the bearing every 500 hours during operation, and the motor with power greater than 11 kW shall be equipped with refueling device, and the bearing shall be directly injected with high-pressure oil gun to ensure good lubrication effect. Plunger pump in use after a long time, will be because of mechanical wear, a unit of the noise and vibration increase, this is should be timely maintenance downtime, if necessary, can be replaced easily damaged parts, replacement bearing, ensure the machine running safely, usually a year should be a major repair, always make the plunger pump is in good working condition.

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Posted : July 27, 2020 6:01 pm