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Why should we take moral issues seriously?  

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Common sense guys, nowadays people are like a puppet of what society brings them into the tip of their nose. Yes, it's necessary that people with common minds meet and discuss such topic like this “Morality”. Oh does our society still have this? I am curious, how parents, educators, moral teachers or the government thought about it? Are they taking the moral issues seriously? Or they do look at themselves as the king of the world trying to manipulate, dominate and hypnotize the weak minds of other people to grab many members or followers?  

Isn’t it that the communities we belong were the reflection of the collective moral values we hold?  What are we doing to the legacy of moral values that our ancestors and parents had given us? What does your moral teacher taught you? Did you ever think or know the real motivation behind the religion in their teaching? Does a religious leader really guide you through the words they say to you? Think about it for a moment. Don’t be ignorant. In the first place everyone should take responsibility to what moral values he/she holds.

Topic starter Posted : January 18, 2019 10:01 am