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To plant trees is to give body and life to one’s dreams of a better world. – Russell Page

This October 5, get outside and make a difference. Our tree planting activity continues as we work towards our goal of restoring Metro Manila’s green spaces. Spending just a few hours to plant trees can make a big difference for wildlife, water quality, and communities.

There will be a registration fee of P150 which will go directly in the funding of UTROS Community Programs.

UTROS Member – free of charge
Non-member – P150

Project Objectives:

🌱 Raise awareness of the importance of planting and saving trees in our society;
🌱 Express our concern to the environment, and lessen the bad effects of climate change;
🌱 Improve the urban environment through planting trees;
🌱 Facilitate collaboration with community groups and individuals to find solutions to urban environmental

challenges trees

Steps to register:

Step 1: Register with UTROS in Philippines Tree Planting Google Form.
Step 2: Confirm your registration, email us at or send a private message on
Step 3: After confirming the availability of slots through our email or Facebook message, make your donation via deposit at Banco de Oro (BDO) below:

Account Number: 002650467548

Step 4: To have your registration validated, kindly email a copy of your deposit slip to or send a copy on our Facebook page.


πŸ‘• Dry fit shirt or trail attire
πŸ‘– Pants or shorts
πŸ‘ŸRunning shoes or Adventure sandals (not slippery)

Participants Need to Bring:

🌱 Gardening gloves
🌱 Gardening shovel
🌱 Extra shirt, extra pants, and extra footwear
🌱 Personal hygiene items (Alcohol, wet wipes, etc)
🌱 Water tumbler
🌱 Face towel or handkerchief
🌱 Raincoat or Folding Umbrella

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is transportation available?
A: Transport options to the event venue will be offered by UTROS on a first come first serve basis as we have limited slots. Should you be interested in carpooling with us, please send an email to and wait for confirmation of seats.
Q: Can children or high school student volunteers register?
A: Participants below 18 require a responsible adult to join
Q: Where does my registration fee go to?
A: Registration fee of P150 which will go directly in the funding of UTROS Community Programs.

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