Forces in nature and moral behavior

by Joseph De Temmerman

“Human behavior flows from three main sources: Desire, Emotion and Knowledge. -Plato.”

When an engineers with a great understanding of how mechanical systems work, we examine and are beginning to understand how the organization of all living beings functions due to our actual knowledge, we must come to the conclusion that the unknown Intelligence of an Almighty Forces has been at work to create such an organization.

From the beginning of time, the system that connects living beings in nature has demonstrated just how perfectly it is organized, for example by installing a method for the free distribution of energy before it was needed! Energy is the basic nutrient for all mobile beings, and was distributed for free – and in advance – by the first living beings, namely plants and trees.

This was one of the many proofs of ingeniousness by the organization that controls living beings, because before starting to create animals, this Almighty Force had created masses of spare energy before these animals appeared. It is now subsequently easy to understand for us humans that the creation of all that energy took place in Nature purposely, to store the necessary energy (by way of food) for other beings which would need it later to allow them to move around.

We only know now that the same Almighty Force has drawn up a plan of how living beings should be constructed, by creating our DNA. Knowledge of the existence of this DNA was only discovered a few decades ago and changed the medical world. This is the way in which out actual science is helping religion now: by giving them a clearer insight into how they can adjust their teaching about formerly unknown facts. The image of what they are calling GOD becomes much clearer now.

Our endeavor is to bring all those scattered religions closer to each other. The word “God” is misused too often, and should be replaced during our gatherings by the term “Almighty Force”, to show all religions’ goodwill to reunite again. At the same time, Nature provides an example of generosity here. Following the same line of reasoning, we will see how generosity was built into all living beings, in order to make them cooperate with each other. We now actually understand the system of how living beings are organized in an orderly, logically understandable way.

Another example of how apparently simple new life is created everyday can be seen when looking at what actually happens inside any flower. Do you know you are witnessing a true ceremony going on every time a solemn moment where Nature announces that new life is busy developing in this plant? Because with this fact, we discovered Nature creates a solemn moment every time it creates new life! Nature has arranged those many varieties of colorful flower petals unfurling around this mystery to draw our attention to the fact of how new life is created! This demonstration of how life starts has been going on for centuries without interruption! There must be a meaning to this. Was it a direct message from a higher intelligence to us humans? Probably true, because we as humans are the only living beings with sufficient intelligence to be able to understand what is happening inside a flower! The seemingly simple fact that a new life starts if stamen come into contact with a flower’s pistil hides a mystery which we cannot unravel. When I realized the simple way in which Nature reveals its mysteries to us, I decided to study it much more closely. Thus I ended up learning much more about the mysteries. Nature reveals to us in this way, while nowadays, much too aware of our abilities; we carelessly pass her secrets by.

Have you ever thought about the simple way in which we come alive ourselves? Our lives also start with a similar solemn ceremony. This time, it happens in a way where only parents witness a ceremony which they experience as exceptional indeed. Because this mystery is still greater, it us understandable that this ceremony takes place in an even more enigmatic way. Understanding this fact also, we must conclude that there is an unknown power in Nature which controls life on Earth. I personally would not dare to go any further that drawing the conclusion that an Almighty Force exists. I suppose it was due to the ignorance of the full extent of the power present in this Almighty Force, which exceeds our imagination of it by far, that religions dared to make many more suppositions about what this Almighty Force in fact is. It is not logical to start any discussion about matters that surpass our imagination. 

In this troubled times, where so many unjust actions are taken, and hundreds of millions of people are longing for a home to live in peace, it is time for all believers of any creed to join forces to stop this injustice! It is now possible to achieve a reunion of all believers uniting them in a way never seen before, if only we are able to remove the main obstacles between the leaders of all different creeds. They are actually forming the main obstacle now because they are not showing their need to join all possible moral forces together. Imagine what kind of a mighty group could be formed by all five billion believers, and how together this force could change the actual course of history. This is not a Utopian idea, but a real possibility. We can start here in the Philippines, where the many creeds and religions present here could start to build up a moral understanding as an example to be followed by other countries.

This is not a task for any political party. Therefore there is an agreement about a division between the church and civil powers, with science and logical considerations acting as arbiters. For as far as moral behavior is concerned, this remains the duty of moral leaders and philosophers. Of course they have to ask advice from all scientists from all domains of human science. All of us must see the importance of joining all forces of people of good will together to build up a strong moral code to serve as a uniform code of behavior for all humans. Imagine how comfortable every one of us would feel if we could be certain that our neighbors will follow the same rules we do.

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