Future existence

by Lilet Jacaban

Thinking of the future is everybody’s responsibility to oneself. It is a way of viewing your future and how it is going to be as better as it could. With that, things that we have and we do today must be outsourced to create a well-being preparing for future existence. Upon thinking of it,it is just easy for us to visualize things out and our imagination helps us in envisioning too good to be true aspirations in life. We might have created a good one but the question is how are we going to make it into reality?

We need realistic pictures of what the future may bring in order for us to make sound decisions. The fact that we have realistic picture of it simply tells that we can achieve it. Human activities now have significant impacts and play a vital role in creating a future that benefits not just a single group of people but all. Factors to be considered with regards to this are widely spread in our community – technology, culture and the behavior of people. All the mentioned aspects must work together in harmony in order to create actions which supplement the need of drawing up a bright future.

Our existence is not just intended for ourselves alone. We need not to be egocentric for the fate of the coming ages is affected by the present generation. We have to put up a structure which generate faith and hope that a good future awaits us. People of today should face the challenge of looking after the welfare of all. We need to be part of good works and intervene with the wring doings that we encounter in our daily living and take an act that will surely be part of a history that people will look back to.

Preparation for the future does not require accurate predictions; rather, it demands foundation of knowledge upon which to base action. People should learn through experiences and should always seek for new knowledge, take a close look to what is going on in the present and build institutions that will resolve conflicts and issues that we are facing today with the help of knowledge and ideas coming from different intellectual people. We should all learn to efficiently respond or adapt to changes happening in our community in a timely manner for us to create a willed, hopeful and influential existence in the future.

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