Gift Giving to PGH Cancer Institute

by UTROS in Philippines
November 28, 2019

UTROS in Philippines would like Thank you for making our gift giving possible to spread love, hope and joy to children of PGH Cancer Institute. To create a way for wishes to be granted for children, visit PGH Cancer Institute’s Christmas Tree and you can directly contact the parents of the children, contact numbers are also indicated in the letters.

Special thanks to Philippine Red Cross Club of Elizabeth Seton School Las Pinas with Mr. PJ Bautista, To Mrs. Joana Oriel & Mr. Lloyd Oriel, Sir Joseph De Temmerman, Mrs. Dolly Oliva, Mary Fe Gabriel Orendain, Roniel Labrador, Angelica Palo and Terrence and to anonymous donors.

Thank you very much specially to the children and parents for being so strong, we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.❤️🎁

This event wouldn’t be possible without the help of PGH Medical Foundation. If you’d still like to contribute please email us at

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