Home Hygiene: Simple Steps to Keep Your House Clean

Written By: Christine See
UTROS in Philippines Inc.

As the saying goes, “There is no place like home.” It is the place where we feel comfortable and relaxed. Therefore, it is important to keep our home clean and safe to live in. Although, it is difficult to manage the house cleaning every day due to other responsibilities like working. However, it is our responsibility to do and it is for our own sake as well anyway. If the house is dirty, germs and bacteria can develop in different places and conditions which may cause sickness to the people living in the house. Home hygiene can be hard work but the reward will be great. So, let us learn about simple steps to keep our house clean.

1. Keep house dust-free

Clean ceilings and walls on a regular basis. It is necessary to dust walls and corners, as well as ceiling fans and chandeliers at least once a week. You may use a microfiber duster to remove dust. If there are extremely dirty areas, wipe them with a microfiber cloth. Additionally, clean the floor properly. Make use of a vacuum cleaner and a mop at least twice a week. Include in the cleaning list your sofa and other furnishings since they accumulate dust, surface debris, and other small particles over time which results in reduced life of the furniture and dirtier house. So, it is better to vacuum or wipe them down frequently. Having a dust-free house can also keep you and other people away from dust-related sickness.

2. Maintain the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most utilized areas in the house. It is also called is the heart of the home since it is where meals are prepared and cooked. Usually, it tends to get dirty because of the messy process of cooking and placing of the dirty dishes. Keeping your kitchen clean depends on your daily habits and schedule. You need to clean the countertop and sink after each meal. Remember to wash the dishes as soon as possible. Food can become transmitters of germs that put our health at risk. A clean kitchen makes your food clean and safe to eat.

3. Tidy up the living room

The living room serves as the most versatile space at home. This is where the family usually gathers and spends time together. It is also a place to welcome and accept guests, friends, and relatives. Therefore, it is needed to be well taken care of. Maintain cleanliness and orderliness. Designate specific areas where you keep the things you are going to use like magazines, books, etc. Avoid pilling up things in the living room. Moreover, align the sofa, pillows, and chairs after use. Decorate the area as you desired. You can put frames showing your memorable photos or add some indoor plants to enhance the living environment and bring nature’s freshness at home.

4. Organize things in the bedroom

Bedrooms might be our favorite place at home. We rest, relax, and sleep in the bedroom. It is essential to keep the bedroom clean and tidy so you will have a comfortable stay. Make your bed every day and wash bed sheets and pillowcases once every two weeks. Fold or hang your clothes and put them inside the closet. Keep things that you need accordingly to avoid making your room a storage area. Take note to keep all your belongings off the floor. Have them properly organized in drawers, shelves, or on the table. Also, avoid eating in the bedroom to prevent unwanted spills.

5. Keep your bathroom dry

A challenging part of the home that needs attention is the bathroom. After taking a bath or shower, wipe down thoroughly the floor, tub, and doors. Open windows and air vents for some time to let in the fresh air that will help minimize moisture and dry areas of the floor and walls faster. Install enough towel bars and hooks to keep and other essentials. You must also do a deep cleaning of the bathroom periodically using the right cleaning materials.

6. Keep air vent and ducts clean

Let air inside your house clean. Breathe easy and freely. Reduce dirt and prevent health issues by cleaning ducts and air filters because are a potential source of particles as pollutants from outdoors can enter your house. Hence, air duct cleaning is important to curb indoor air pollutants, mold growth, and insect infestation. On the other hand, if you have an air conditioning unit in the house, keep air vents and ducts free of dust and other debris to facilitate its proper ventilation and functioning.

7. Empty dustbin(s) regularly

The dirtiest part of the house is a dustbin. It is where all the trashes and wastes are collected. Hence, can attract various pests like cockroaches and houseflies which carries infections and diseases. To prevent this from happening, segregate the trash properly. Always maintain a separate dustbin for wet waste and another dustbin for dry waste. Label them accordingly to prevent any confusion. Wash the bin with hot water and a liquid cleaner once a week to minimize the smell. Also, coordinate with a garbage collector to pick your garbage daily to avoid piling up waste at home.

With all the points presented, now what’s left to do is act them out. Learning how to keep your house clean and applying hygiene practices as part of your habits will make you live in your house comfortably. It will also help improve health both physically and mentally. Stay safe and healthy.


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