How to reconcile our moral dogmas

by Joseph De Temmerman

This is a personal opinion, but I am convinced that in questions such as these, where not only the different religions, but also some ideologies literally barricade themselves in inside their entrenched camps behind dogmas, some small, harmless opinion makers with their logically grounded argumentation have a chance of being accepted as a party of reconciliation. With today┬┤s technologies, the human world has become a small village, where the ideological welfare between these entrenched camps takes on new, disturbing proportions.

Today, they are the cause of over a hundred million people having to flee from pitiful conditions and for others being kept prisoner by powers forcing their rules upon them, forcing them into stifling straitjackets. This is why I as an eighty-years-old, came up with the idea to employ the modern tools at our disposal today to find a solution in the way living nature works. Undertaken a research supported by a team of young and older members.

All the while I was convinced that there must be means to flight this newly threatening imbalance which developed so shortly after the last world war and of which I have experienced the full extent of misery during my youth. All improvements the human species has experienced to period were the result of logical thinking, fed by properly controlled emotions. our ancestors and prophets have drawn up different rules based on logical thinking back then which are still correct today. We are now still suffering the disruptive consequences of their previous disciples who – out of self-interest – changed the original rules to obtain more personal power. To come to a solution, we will have to dare see the truth before us. This requires courage. Since the prophet Muhammad (peace be with him) succeed in unifying his teachings, the disciples of the prophet have provided the collective teachings with different interpretations and have pushed themselves to the foreground. This is a fact which still causes warfare among themselves today, and with the closely related teaching of the Christians.

I spent the past years in a pleasant manner, strengthened by the like-mindedness of our younger and older university graduate members, looking for means to find a way out from today’s moral danger. It was a useful idea to research the way in which the Organization of living beings proceeds to keep its balance for eternity. This provided us a much clearer insight into its structure, which can be taken as an example. Above all, we obtained an insight into the secret of its eternally continued existence. This secret structure has been specially designed as a tailor-made solution for us, humans! We have explained that the engine controlling human deeds is ruled by their conscience, i.e by a balance between their good feelings and their disorderly urges. This principles is employed as a basis by all moral leader but since the preachers of those rules of conscience have deviated from this basic rule due to their disputes, many people nowadays have fallen under the domination of leaders with an imbalanced conscience.

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