How we can make the Philippines great?

Written by: MFP
UTROS in Philippines Inc.

“Bayang magiliw 

Perlas ng Silanganan, 
Alab ng puso, 
Sa dibdib mo’y buhay…”

This beautiful piece we sang with pride serves as a reminder for us Filipinos; a reminder of our core, patriotism and values. But as time passes by, the fire seems to die slowly like a melting candle. Yes! And it’s the same fire which our ancestors had as they fought for our independence.

Writing this, I cannot help but wonder. Who are we and where are we right now?
What have we done to the independence that our ancestors fought for us?
Where is this phrase “alab ng puso sa dibdib mo’y buhay” from our National Anthem now? Take a moment and ponder to this question.

The thrones of struggles, the ocean of tears and the agony of volcanoes, this is how I describe the feeling of our ancestors as they face the misery of being captive on its own dwelling. But despite the hardships and feeling outnumbered, they faced it with determination in order to give us the courage and inspiration to stand for strong values of principle, peace, dignity and justice. Many of our ancestors successfully won great battlefields. Their courage and voice were remarkable to free us and to take what originally is ours: the “Philippine Island”. But what are we doing now? Where are those values and principle? Isn’t slowly fading and failing?

As Filipinos, we should not forget the lessons we learned from our history because these are what shapes us. It’s been a long and tough journey, overcoming great battlefield and surpassing hardships. Our ancestors fought and died to give birth to a sovereign free nation: The Philippines and Filipino’s independence.

Today is the time for a true revolutionary and historic change for us Filipinos: the change that comes from each and every Filipino people. I believe The Philippines is a promise land of great liberty and opportunity because we Filipino people have the kindest heart and creative mind. We are a warrior of peace and justice that can serves as a role model in the world. The power of solidarity, determination, patience, understanding; and wisdom given by the Almighty God is what makes us stand out.

Let’s be clear and honestly face it. And we must do something about it. Let us not waste every pain and blood, sweat, and tears, of those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and for those poor Filipinos who have been unjustly treated and deprived by social, economic and political situation as begging for their rights, recognition and support.

Take attention of our officials. Our government officials should not be blind and deaf to the sufferings of its people and not be greedy for wealth and power. You are in the position to serve and not to be served. Give the service that Filipino people truly deserve with pride and dignity, with joy and compassion. And to fellow Filipino people, our government need cooperation, patience and understanding.

Let me ask you again. Can we stand against our personal remorse and global foes, from inside and outside, natural disaster and inhumane battle? How can we assure a fruitful and sustainable life for Filipino people or to all mankind? Are you willing to take an effort and commitment for change? And how could we preserve and sustain our dignity and freedom? There are many unanswered questions. And it’s up to you; to us to answer and respond to the call for service, after all the change that we’ve been longing for must start from within ourselves.

It is very important that we all know our vital role as Filipino, as individual in this world. Our children deserve a better future. Our beloved Philippines need each one of us. Let stand for true and authentic revolution and historic change. With solidarity let us transform our nation, raise our dignity and position in the world. Let us be more courageous to face every challenge that may come ahead. Because the world sees us and may we serve as a model to other nation.

“…Lupang Hinirang, 
Duyan kang magiting, 
Sa manlulupig, 
Di kapasisiil…”

Let me give an emphasis to “Sa manlulupig, Di kapasisil…” which signifies our will power and love for our country. We must protect our sovereignty, our rights as Filipinos and be friends to other countries. We will stand strong in the ground. Let’s be like David who fought Goliath, so are we too with other big countries. We are not made for war nor asking for it. We must be a peacekeeper, a creator of peace and with this ideology, together; we can make the Philippines greater than ever.

“Ang kislap ng watawat mo’y tagumpay na nagniningning
Ang bituin at araw niya’y kailanpama’y di magdidilim”

Like this line, there’s a light of hope in the middle of crisis especially in time of this pandemic. We must look our challenges as an opportunity to rethink, restart and restore our nation. As nature always at work to create a balance in our society. May we look at the people and the natural resources like a shining stars at the darkest night and the sun shines after the storm as a spark of hope in the middle of the crisis we experience. The true independence day only begins on the day that we think together and act together with love and solidarity to care and help each other for a greater good for the Philippines…for Filipino people.

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