Human Relations

by Lilet Jacaban

People desires to be part of a certain community or organization, therefore, he has to build connection. Human relations is more likely to be applies in the workplace. It fits people into work situations that motivate them to work productively and harmoniously. It has to bring the employees or members of an organization into social, psychological and economic satisfaction in order for them to seek for improvement and more bounded goals.

In a general manner, human relations lets people connect, adapt and learn new things that would make them grow as a person. It opens avenues for an individual to go out of the usual and be open to giving and receiving ideas to others. It is an important and interdisciplinary field of study because all workers are involved in human relations activities. Many of us might have difficulties when it comes to expressing oneself but it is just a part of developing one’s own personality. It requires patience and the drive to learn and accommodate things in improving oneself. It doesn’t com naturally and happen overnight but once started taking actions to it, it will continually happen and improve over the time.

Building a good human relations skill is a vital accomplishment that one should be achieving. It brings answers to problems that we may encounter from time to time especially in the working environment and dealing social activities. Through practicing human relations, we would also be able to build good communication and interpersonal skills which lead to a better way of creating a strong founded relationship among others and in the society.

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