My Memorable Internship Experience

by  Teoderik Domingo
Senior High at MAPUA Manila
Intern at UTROS in Philippines Inc.


Many things have happened over the time. With the current issues happening today, we can agree that the world has been more complex than before and only a little care enough about it. Making the world a better place may be difficult especially in today’s time. Although difficult, many are still striving for the betterment of the planet we are living in. The United Tribes Organization Study Group (UTROS) is just one of many organizations who aims to attain this goal. They promote environmental behavior through awareness and education while also conducting other environmental services. Having this kind of organization is just a medium for people who wants a better place to live in. Most people are affected by current matters happening in the world but only a few are willing and aware to change these matters.

I applied to their organization as a student trainee in order to comply with my school requirements before I graduate. It was a pleasure to be their student trainee because I enjoyed the experience being their trainee, the company of the supervisors and the tasks they asked me to do.

Being a trainee in UTROS as their video editor made me knowledgeable about the information and content they put out to mass media. As a trainee, I was instructed to do multiple tasks in my period of training, most of which are editing the events they have done last year, 2019. With that, I have accomplished seven tasks in a span of two weeks; editing their tree planting events, informative videos (e.g. their interview with the locals) and also a little bit of advertisement. The supervisors are kind as I was working with them. They are always concerned about the well-being and safety of their trainees. They make sure that the information in the videos I edit are accurate information of what they have gathered. Despite the assurance of the accuracy of the video, they still gave me the freedom to edit the video with my own editing style to it, as long as the information they have provided will still be seen in the video. Editing these videos were not as stressful as I thought they would be. They do not bombard their trainees with multiple tasks all at once without them rushing. Even though they did not rush me from my tasks, I still set a deadline to accomplish the task as soon as possible.

Working with the organization and having the freedom to express your own style in video editing is a pleasure. And to be part of an organization that promotes altruism and the betterment of the world even in just a short period of time is fulfilling; to know that people are still striving to convey awareness to other people for their better understanding.

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