Lead and Empower by Accepting Diversity Workshop

by UTROS in Philippines
July 22, 2017
Resource Speaker: Ms. Elvira Oliva

Empowerment leads to a culture of shared responsibility where everyone is working towards a common goal. When they’re empowered, team members are often inspired to bring forward ideas and solutions. Leadership and empowerment describe the way we are making a difference to the social and economic well-being of our communities through providing awareness in education, research, public events and activities. The main objective here is to make people empowered through the knowledge gained and for them to take the lead to achieve a balance between the welfare of society and all living beings. An effective way of achieving such purpose is to educate people about the importance of considering the interests of all whenever taking desired actions. People who lead such actions concerning the activities of certain organizations have to apply strong leadership capabilities and help fellow people to be empowered. But how do they do this? There is a process called proper education. Leading change is a heavy responsibility to whom it carries. But the thing is, it is in great pleasure and an overwhelming feeling to be in the frontline in reaching and spreading a philanthropic advocacy to people. UTROS is working to improve quality of life in all living beings and continuously reaching the success of the foregoing activities especially on empowering people through a well-disseminated information, experience and education.

The workshop took part in different activities such as knowing your own strength and weaknesses by answering related questions headed by Ms. Elvira Oliva. The workshop was participated in by students, professionals and missionaries. It generally evaluates your answer that has an equivalent description to know your strengths and weaknesses. The speaker also tackled topics about low self-esteem. She let the participants knew that they are valuable and important. High and low self-esteem affect the decisions we make which result on how we treat ourselves and others. If we know our self-worth, we tend to make good decisions which enhance our self-value rather that break it down. Some people have high self-esteem while other people have low self-esteem. It is a chance for the audience to be involved with this topic to enhance their self-esteem to better lead people. There was also an activity where participants showed their current life situation or how they see their future through molded clays. Some molded the clay into turtles and explained that there life is slow, but like a turtle, it keeps moving forward to reach its goal. Some other molded trees, flowers and bridge. The diverse ideas made an impact to the participants which recognized that we all have our own struggles and stories in life. Leading people is not that easy but improving our abilities can lead us all to the future we want. The participants actively participated in all the activities of Ms. Elvira. They had the chance to meet new people and exchange ideas as well.

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