Mental Health in the Younger Generation

by Carmela Africa
Graphic Designer Intern, UTROS in Philippines


Youth… A topic that was once equal with nothing but positivism and full of power has now become associated with sensitive subjects like pressure and self-doubt.- The previous generation has grown past their primes. They say that you should “finish whatever it is that you have started” but they themselves couldn’t solve almost all of the problems that include  Inequality, Racism, Misogyny, as well as Millions worth of Debts. That they have created. Because of these issues, they have no one else to blame but the generations after them. Millennials are said to be the most practical and the wisest out of all the generations. But alas, the older folks still blame them for almost everything. This has resulted in alarming levels of several cases of mental illnesses.

Mental Illness is a very sensitive topic and it is very hard to grasp. The only ones who could understand it properly are those who suffer from such. Looks can be deceiving. Just because some people look okay, doesn’t really mean that they are.

This has been a recent fad with young people. Most of them just cage in their thoughts and emotions, as they feel like others, especially older people, will just perceive it as complaining. Mental illnesses can affect how well people do in their day-to-day activities and how they form relationships with their peers. If not given proper care and attention, Mental illnesses can be disruptive enough that it can affect people for the rest of their lives.

Getting help is already difficult as it is, and the stigma that surrounds the topic of mental health doesn’t really help, as it would usually lead to discrimination and makes people sicker. There are also harmful effects that stigmas create including: Resisting getting professional help, fewer job opportunities, bullying, and even self-hatred.

What can be done? Increased awareness will probably be an effective solution to counter stereotypes.Assessing mental health is not as simple as taking a blood test. But understanding and sufficient knowledge of mental health issues may help improve one’s condition and create a sense of emotional well being.

The perception of people towards other people who have mental illnesses would always root from a lack of understanding, rather than information based on facts. The older generation (or people in general) have to accept people with such conditions and recognize what to do in order to treat it. With the right support and help, it can make a big difference.


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