Moral belief

by Lilet Jacaban

“Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.” -Pope John Paul II

There are many aspects to consider when it comes to human life. According to Donald Taylor II on Prezi, there are six basic human aspects of life – thought, feeling, choice, body, social context and soul or spiritual. All the above factors are what make us who we are as humans. But what seem to matter the most is the latter (soul/spiritual) which integrates all the prior components of human life.

Our soul must be fed with the proper food in order for the thought to think accurately, to feel graciously, to choose appropriately and to act accordingly. The question is what do our souls eat? Hope is what makes our souls or spirits energized. Without it we wouldn’t be able to have a positive view for the future. But what about faith? Hope and faith are inevitably linked and come hand in hand. It fuels our belief in God and the drive within us to aspire for what is good. These aspirations may lead us to where we wanted to be in this world and how these desires are going to affect other people and the whole community. In achieving ambitions that we have in life, we are being guided by many principles which moral beliefs and religions provide us.

We are all guided by our own moral beliefs and religions. Our leaders have built a strong foundation of faith in it which we seem to follow over the years. There have also been different creeds spread throughout the world which serves as people’s guide in their daily living aside from the law of the land. Law of the land talks about more on the legal terms to be followed by us humans while moral beliefs and religions’ core is more about personal matters that describe us. It somehow provide us a distinction among other creeds existing in this world.

If we expect today’s generation to flourish with a respect to the rule of law, then they have to be taught about making moral choices and have a strong founded basis for their decision-making. We have to consolidate all groups of people and bring together their moral understanding to create a single basis for moral behavior. In order to make things happen, we need to be willing benefactors on this. It requires us the knowledge, thorough understanding, strong faith and unity that we are all capable of building a wonderful place to be in. Our guided principles, moral culture and religions would help us in doing this thing. No religion is wrong in this world. It’s just that different cultures throughout the time have identified these religions in different ways. As time passes by, there are a lot of changes coming in about the world that we live in and we cannot deny the fact that these modifications have gone far to where we are right now. We may have different names of our Gods but there’s one thing in common, we have our God and we all hope for the good of all. This common ground that we have will be the beginning of a journey in achieving unity in all aspects of life. Our differences should not cause harm to anybody or even a war between nations. Instead of arguing about our disparities, might as well use this as an instrument to create an improves system of constructing moral rules that will be followed by all of us in building a better society.

We are all capable of making things into reality. It just needed the courage and initiative to take the challenge of informing people about the value of human beings, charity, community and the principles and values ruling everyone to take an act in contributing to the great change we are all hoping for. These things that cannot be measured by material things alone must be the drive in a collaborative education of moral beliefs to carry out peace and harmony.

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