New Educational System:
Effective Remote Learning

Written By: Princess See
UTROS in Philippines Inc.

Education has an important role in a person’s life and society. Over the past months, the educational system is being challenged to adjust and adapt to the new normal. Many schools are reconstructing their plans and strategies to continue providing education to the students. Several teaching methods have been incorporated. The transition to distance learning needs a huge preparation, research, and review to make sure that education will be effective. Some instructions being implemented are sending home paper materials packages, devices, WIFI, and conducting online courses. With these changes, many teachers and faculty are using new tools into their lessons and the students will experience new ways of learning.

From the traditional classroom setting to the home-based setting, the physical distance between teachers and students is a challenge. It is crucial at this pressing time to help educators connect with their students and keep them engaged, motivated, and safe.

Experts and teachers have shared the following tips to help remote instructions as effective as possible.

1. Get students to participate. Encourage students to study, attend classes, or complete assignments. Teachers should give clear goals and expectations. Teachers should provide a specific schedule and tasks students need to accomplish.

2. Focus on the content of the lesson. The next step is to teach. Teachers should check that their students understand the subject matter.

3. Make simple and clear directions. Avoid using too many different platforms and classroom routines. Moreover, be cautious about introducing new material. Distance learning generally works best for review. Teachers need to concentrate on reinforcing what students have already learned, so as they do not forget it.

4. Connect new content to old information and provide examples. Eventually, since the situation might take a long time, teachers will need to introduce new information. In that case, teach it in a way of linking the new knowledge to what students have already learned or if they have forgotten the context, it will help them remember it. Teachers should also provide students with examples to better understand the idea.

5. Deliver new information in brief doses. Limit the amount of new information that students are acquiring per session. According to some research, student engagement drops significantly when videos last longer than nine to twelve minutes. Therefore, offer only 15-20 minutes of the lesson, especially if the subject matter is new or students are younger. Breaking up the information and delivering it in shorter sessions and returning to the same points, later on, takes advantage of what psychologists call the “spacing effect” or distributed practice, which boosts learning.

6. Create an interactive approach as much as possible. Aside from listening and reading, students need opportunities to actively process the information being presented. Teachers may opt to give short quizzes or activities. Having students quiz themselves periodically or answer questions about when, what, where, or why something happened is a form of retrieval practice, which helps students absorb and remember the material.

7. Balance synchronous and asynchronous learning. There are two ways in which remote learning can be executed. One is synchronous, in which everyone is online at the same time. And two, asynchronous, in which students access the same lesson at different times. Synchronous lessons are difficult to accomplish but it is important to include at least some time to have a class together because it allows quick teacher feedback and enables teachers and students to maintain connections and feel part of a group. Asynchronous learning can be problematic as well because asking parents or guardians to supervise particularly younger students will be a tough task.

The above list could contribute to making remote learning effective. But it still, it is limited to whether the teachers and students have enough and appropriate tools and resources.

The support of parents and guardians is significant in this educational journey. Parents and guardians are now part of the new teaching team, helping students with the new systems and schedules as well as ensuring access to lessons and minimize distractions.

We are aware that school is more than just lectures, homework, assignments, exams, and quizzes. There are connections that occur in hallways and cafeterias which develops a person’s interpersonal skills essential for success in school, work, and beyond. School is also a venue to foster creativity. Students showcase their talent and joy for learning and expression through art projects, theater play, choir concerts, etc. However, due to today’s environment, we don’t get to experience these moments in person. But hopefully, in the future, the students may have other opportunities to experience such moments in life.

The vital role of education in our society can be seen in the efforts of educators, faculty, institutions, and governments to support students. Whether face-to-face setting or distance learning, the quality of education is the connection between students and teachers. A new education system is progressing towards the potential for student-centered learning boundless by time and space.

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