In 2011, UTROS was established as a non-profit organization. It started with a spark of ideas from our founder’s viewpoint and the result of his research and study about the structure of nature’s organization which holds living beings depending on each other. It initiated in a burning desire to look for fellow souls who should share his passion for knowledge. Then, he found this group of young University students in the Philippines whose desire for a better world to live and become its active members. Working together with them, UTROS story began. Its vision became clearer, as we believe that altruism unites all living beings; Mother Earth and people, we understand how nature works as a perfect organization. It is our hope and belief in humanity that we can live in harmony where each of us takes the courage to think and act in an altruistic way.

Founder’s Footnote

Being old is an experience of an unexpected kind. When I was 80 years old I thought I could still solve all problems because I had completed a difficult task before, I thought that my powers would last forever and I founded UTROS, an association to make every population group think about the existence of other populations to eliminate the tensions between them. I thought that a better understanding of each other’s needs and their efforts would be a reason for tolerance and thus, conducive to a peaceful society. The cause of my endeavor was the lifelong quarrel that I experienced between two tribes to the detriment of my homeland Belgium.

I wanted to trace the causes of quarrels between tribes and went to the Philippines where 80 tribes were established. I found the enthusiasm that is typical of the youth for achieving my goal and I founded a study group with university graduates. But it soon became apparent that to achieve the intended goal, deeper research was needed into the origin of man and what drives him to act. The beginning of humanity brings us back to the Creator of all life. Because it was then that human gifts and vices arose, as a source of contention. With the help of the group and scientific resources currently available, it was possible to form an idea of how awe-inspiring and complicated the mechanism that connects all living beings.

The creation story is fascinating. It is now realized how the Creator connected living beings with a binder: the unselfish service through which living beings underlie each other’s energy as a result of an implanted of love and care for other living beings called Altruism.

This feeling in which it is the basis of charity and humanitarianism in general. Thus, a gift that has been present in the people since their creation. The opposite is egoism, ignoring how valuable others are. It is also the cause of all the mischief that has struck people for centuries. By consciously recognizing both capital influences on our actions, we also realize that these two feelings are opposites that will lead us either to a happy or unhappy life.

This wisdom teaches us that the development of community spirit with other living beings must be the core of our aspiration on earth. We need the proximity of other people to build social structures. Our fellow human beings are therefore needed to jointly realize what is impossible for a single person.

This wisdom is the primary guideline for our lives. We must realize that we are only a small part of a big picture that is living nature. We play only a minimal temporary role alongside millions of peers in the perpetual system in which new living beings are continually being processed by the previous ones. This is how the Creator of all life on earth has designed the gathering together of living beings on earth.

“Altruism eliminates tension and brings out collaboration”