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Empowering people and local products of rural communities in Antique, Philippines

In the province of Antique, we discovered the richness and diversity of the country’s artisanal and natural products that are proudly Filipino made. We got the chance to witness and record the stories behind the products of the local legends from their hardship, struggles and to spread their voice to consumers and potential investors. With this, people will discover more of the country’s rich culture and handmade products made with love by local Antiqueños, given that our products made with the high quality and they are genuinely great products!

These people are inspirations despite nearly impossible odds and tremendous hardship in life. That’s why we put together a series on local legends stories, all of which are featured below. Patronize and be inspired by these unique Filipino products for the Philippines – for the Filipino people. Made locally, TATAK PINOY!

Step up to make a wonderful world!

We realized that each of the stories we make deserves to be shared and celebrated,
and so we continue to adapt new stories to feature on this page.

What is the size of the community you’re concerned with?

At the moment, we focus on small communities, particularly in rural areas of the Philippines. The bigger the community, the more work is involved – and we need people who care and want to help other people to reach a larger community in the future.

What people are available to do the work?

An individual? A small group of people? Students? Professionals?

Yes, UTROS is a non-profit organization which consists of a small group of people, we try to reach out to others to recruit them to volunteer as manpower, funder or a contributor. If you think you’re qualified and fit to lead a team, you may contact us for the upcoming outreach programs.

How much time do I have to offer for the task?

The more time you have, the more relationship we build.

If available, human resources (time) or financial resources can be helpful. You can help us in Pre-assessment, Content Research and Planning or as a Field Volunteer.

You may reach us directly:

Mobile Number: +63 956 317 2505

Facebook: utrosinphilippines
Instagram: utrosinphilippines

For business partners or collaboration purposes, please send us an inquiry or proposal to