Community Outreach with Dumagat Indigenous People of Antipolo

by UTROS in Philippines
July 12, 2019


Dumagats origin is the same with Aeta’s in Northern Luzon. Their ancestral origin is traced from Negrito’s which is one of the earliest inhabitants in the Philippines. They are found in the hillsides and mountains of Quezon, Bulacan, Rizal and Laguna provinces. The term “Dumagat” is thought to be derived from the word “rumakat”, “lumakat” or “lumakad” which signifies the migration of early Negritos in Philippines by walking in land (

In March 4, 2018, we conducted a Community Outreach to Dumagat Indigenous People, as we celebrated the 88th Birthday of our founder Sir Joseph. This outreach is part of UTROS Community Program from carrying out our mission of providing awareness towards sustainable development and to help underprivileged families in remote provinces.

Through our outreach we got the chance to meet the Dumagat tribes. We distributed gifts to the families which consisted of rice and grocery items. We successfully conducted feeding program to provide healthy and delicious food. We are happy to meet Dumagat Tribes and extend our hands through practicing and teaching Altruism. Our team is committed to reaching out remote and isolated communities in the Philippines to sustain their needs, to learn from the diverse culture and to see an improved community.

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