The religion – How you are similar with followers of other religions?

by Prof. Kazem Vadafari, PH.D

You may have thought how your religion makes you different with other people. Here we will take your attention that how your religion may teach your similarities with other people with different religion. The history of religion is as long as human history and people have been always seeking for something ideal, powerful and perfect that has no example in human society or humans themselves.

This is to satisfy a need, an unavoidable need to worship the perfect and pure. The main reason is that we always find faults in ourselves. You may trace the roots of religious places deep in the nature, implying that the more far from the society the more purity is imaged by human. The different with the past is that humans have concurred the nature and we cannot find the pure nature everywhere as before.

Therefore, we lack the sense of religion or create new ideas and believes with religious label that is not even in harmony with religion nor the nature. We believe that religion is the solution to a common need of human beings.

However, people express their religions in their own way, language and culture. We believe that humans are parts of the same body. They are different and they complete each other accordingly. The more you believe in religions the more windows open to your mind to see the path towards the pure and perfect. No matter what you call the god in different religions, all are the ultimatum points that humans want to reach. They may not reach it but you will find the same path toward it and this is the mission of religion.

Yes moving toward the right path is the point, no matter you reach it or not. What is important is to walk in the right direction. In this sense, we are climbing toward the same summit but from different environments and times. No matter where we are born and climb in forest or desert or in a small island deep in the ocean. We are parts of united tribes. How you are similar with followers of other religions?

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