Rules Exchange

Rules are created to guide and discipline people. It administer an organization in such a way that provide people well-coordinated activities. Obeying rules at any form of it, is a way of showing sense of being responsible.

It put limits to what we could just do and indicate what are being prohibited and bring smooth flow of activities without confusion. There are a whole lot of benefits to intentionally promoting clear and shared rules and expectations.


We are bonded with the different kind of cultures we have in our country and each of it has formulated rules that run their community. As far as social exchange is concerned, one might be surprised with the way of ruling other cultures have. But the thing is that, we can all learn from each other’s form of ruling. We just have to understand and respect how these rules go into process and might affect people’s way of behaving in a certain community and its effect when it comes to peace and order.


Different rules are constructed for different purposes. It can go a long way of controlling people’s acts for they have things that need to be considered before going into actions. When we experience a culture different from what we have, we might notice different form of rules which guide the people of that certain community. Interactions and exchanging of ideas and opinions aid in the learning process of people just as in the rules of the many cultures that we encounter everyday. As we come to see how efficient these rules in building discipline to people, adapting it might happen.


Exchanging of rules is a way of practicing other environment’s process of governing people through its created rules. People in authorities might decide to apply a rule to its people depending upon its efficacy of achieving certain goals. Whatever it is that may apply the important matter is that, its aim to protect and think of the welfare of all is prevailing.