Seek to inspire inside the National Museum: Natural History

by JG

On March 3, 2019, UTROS in Philippines visited the newly renovated National Museum of Natural History located at the heart of numerous historical heritages in Manila, Philippines. Museums have become underrated. For decades, a number of people visiting and are interested in museums continue to decline probably because people nowadays are fascinated to technology. They feel that it is no longer necessary to pay a visit since it is already made available for them through the numerous search engines. They can easily get the information they want anytime and anywhere without exerting too much effort.

But lately, Museums are trying their best effort in reaching out to people. They’ve made several improvements and renovations to regain their position as the main distributor of historical facts and artifacts. They adapted the integration of technology in its services not only to educate its visitors but to give them the opportunity to interact and experience our natural history. To date, it houses a number of artifacts and a vast range of specimens here and outside the Philippines including several recent discoveries like the remains of Lolong, the largest crocodile ever caught.

These reforms and upgrade were indeed a smart move; the adaptation of technology certainly increases their patrons and has created headlines. Numerous posts of individuals and groups circulated in social media platforms with positive feedback which created a rage from amongst the people. Now, not only the students went to museum for educational tours but also the adults and the people who live from afar who are curious as to what our museums have in store for us nowadays. It has now become one of the newest attractions for both Filipinos and foreigners, local and otherwise, in Manila.

Our museums are one of the treasures which our ancestors left for us and must be treated as such. Our history defines our identity and help shape our community. Most of the displayed artifacts were buried for decades; let us not bury them twice by neglecting our museums.

As for our team, it was indeed a day well-spent – very fulfilling. Not only we became more aware of our historical past (natural history) but also we acquired new information, although the materials displayed in there were age-old, which made us proud of our origin. It was a truly unforgettable experience.

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