United Tribes Organization Study Group (UTROS) in the Philippines was established as a non-profit organization to promote sustainable development by practicing and teaching  altruism. An organization that envisions a world with unified purpose of improving quality of life through understanding human and nature. UTROS works with its partners within the community, government, schools, and other organizations to conduct research, workshop, community service, and study group based on its four pillars which are: Moral, Intellectual, Social and Environmental.



Traditional Blacksmith of Bongbongan Sibalom, Antique Philippines

Traditional Pottery Making near Sibalom River

Traditional basket weaving of General Luna, Antique


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Protecting our Environment Starts with Us

Mirrors of being a leader


We are open for discussion of all domains of science with the participation of individuals who would like to seek, learn and act with the goal of enlightenment through solidarity and goodwill.

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Introduction to Altruism: a task for the intelligentsia

Is a book with collective ideas about Natural Laws, Human Nature, Economics, Science, and Religions.The author based this book on his own lifelong personal experiences, research, observation, and study group with young professionals. The idea begins with his experience of violence during World War II. He has observed that people nowadays are becoming too greedy for wealth and power that destroys humanity as well as nature.

Despite his old age (83), he was determined to preserve his hopes and dreams from generation to generation for a better society. He urgently compiled these ideas and left this book as his legacy to his founding non-profit organization UTROS (United Tribes Organization Study Group) in Philippines Inc.

The Introduction to Altruism is the root idea of UTROS, wherein each member feels they found a second home and a family. Where altruism resides, each member shows empathy, love, and understanding that has built a strongly committed group to do what is good for their wellbeing.

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Our mission is to promote sustainable development by cooperation and wise use of natural and human resources. If you are willing to be a member or volunteer at UTROS registering online participating in a volunteer work is easy!