Social Dynamics

by Lilet Jacaban

The most significant players of the society are people. They are the greatest influence with how the environment is more likely to be. Their acts and behaviors influence one another and we are being honed with the involvement of many factors and the environment that we live in.

People should learn the value of social influence and how it affects our own development and manifest others. Social dynamics refers to the behavior of groups that result from their interaction from an individual or group of people.

There are a lot of aspects to consider like character, sources of information and rules of behavior. These are the vital factors that need to be considered when referring to socialization. Learning about these subjects would help one to have a smooth relationship among others and in building a personality that pleases others.

Building a good character starts within one’s home. Since parents are our first teachers, they play a big role of instilling camaraderie to their children. If everybody is going to be raised well by their parents, we could imagine a community of good persons and harmony. Another factor influencing social behavior is the sources of information. People nowadays are being absorptive of what they hear and read from any channels of information. An active form of this is the social media which has been a great influence of how people behave or act in such manner. It is alarming to know that the youth are the most affected by this source of information because of the many distasteful activities happening in social media. Yes, it might be useful on the other side of it but the negative effects of it are just disquieting. Despite of these disturbances in achieving a strong and effective social capacity, rules of behavior are present to guide people to act accordingly.

People must come to realize the importance of putting boundaries when it comes to adapting behaviors which somehow violates one’s own principles. We should always put in mind that the best thing we could do in our existence is to be a good example to others especially when it comes to socially inclined acts. Touching the lives influencing others with our great character can be the finest achievement we could have in our whole life.

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