Talk: Internship Development and Meeting Discussions

by UTROS in Philippines


It is our nature to be curious with our surroundings, with issues from the government, celebrities, environment and many more. It is essential to every institutions to better know their employees and interns through listening and evaluating ideas using discussion method. UTROS is engaged in research and study that’s why we always incorporate our interns in varieties of discussions once in a week for them to develop their skills in communication, listening skills, intellectual and social purposes. It also develop open mindedness as to accept other opinion as well. We came up with seven week of small discussion every Thursday at least an hour of our time to tackle different issues that we think should be talked about. A small discussion concentrated on personal opinion and thoughts and reveals attitude of participants towards the opinion of others and insights of solving the issues. We become aware about the diversity opinion on issues. This was a good way of learning from one another and showcasing the intellectual perspectives about the topic. It evaluated and tested the method of creativity of the presenter and audience. It was also a good way to practice our ability in decision making and debate.

 This is an important guide for us to build our sense of belonging and self-worth with regard to sharing our opinion on a group of people.

The goal was to get ideas out on the table, build on them, and understand each other’s point of view. We obtain agendas in advance and discussed once a week. The topics discussed were about how to prevent sharing fake news, why do children commit crimes, selling babies online, is the Philippines government prepared when it comes to El Nino crisis? Vaccines Vs Enrollment issue, Youth depression, Old educational system. These are all the topics we thought should be noticed and we needed to detail and solve. Many of these topics were unnoticed or not attracting attention to the people but in reality these topics should be discussed even on the table with the family just like about depression. The topics were openly discussed. We let everyone tell their opinions about the issues and made conclusions. We even made decisions for the next workshop and seminar based on the topic discussed. Some participants discussed issues with sort of involvement that’s why it was important for them to seek insight of others regarding the issue and all participants must be sensitive with the topic discussed especially when it comes to emotions. The first sessions were investigated by process questionnaires focusing on self-experience, experience of the group atmosphere and subjective insights. The second session were given to form solution and conclusion of the group as general answer for the whole discussion and posted on social accounts to give awareness and to let others partake about the issues.

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