Joseph De Temmerman

Founder of UTROS in Philippines and Author of Introduction to Altruism: a task for the intelligentsia

“The more we thought and act in altruistic way, the closer we deviate to the sense of honor”

Meet The Team

Get to know the passionate people behind UTROS
Together, we make sure to build a better community to showcase our gifts and capabilities with purpose

Maria Fe Pereira
Maria Fe PereiraPresident / Board of Trustee
Maria Fe is a Business Administration graduate and a pioneer employee of UTROS in Philippines. Most of her time spends in reading and writing. In her spare time she likes to cook and garden. She also loves to walk and observe a lot. Her dedication in UTROS is legendary, to the point of coming into the office while on holidays.
Maria Isabel Formigones
Maria Isabel FormigonesVice President / Board of Trustee
Mabel is a software engineer and loves to travel, no surprise then that her passions are computer and traveling. When discussing, she ask questions and typically advise on the best way to get it done. She’s also an avid fan of ‘Harry Potter’ book and series film.
Roniel Labrador
Roniel LabradorTreasurer / Board of Trustee
With years of web development experience, he brings out a lot of skills to UTROS. He was steadfast in his support and dedication. Aside from being a programmer, he also loves to listen to podcast and audio books.
John Roniño Gelido
John Roniño GelidoBoard of Trustee
Niño is a computer programmer who likes to takes challenges to prove his worth on the company.
In his spare time he likes to play puzzle games and play mobile games
Elsa Mat PaatCorporate Secretary / Board of Trustee
Michille Pereira
Michille PereiraProgram Operation Manager
Michille helps make UTROS Community programs from concept development and strategic planning, turning ideas into activities and is often involved in client communication.
Katryn Mat Paat
Katryn Mat PaatWeb/Graphic Designer
Kat is also part in project planning and is involved in advertisement design and web development.

UTROS Writers/Researchers

Pauline Gonzales
Pauline GonzalesWriter/Researcher
Pauline is a public school teacher who loves to play sepak takraw and volleyball. She considers herself as a Thalassophile, no wonder she’s a good swimmer. Her interests include reading and studying child’s development.
Vinna Moreno
Vinna MorenoWriter/Researcher
Vinna is a Special Education Teacher and very passionate in teaching children with or without special needs. She uses her leisure time in reading articles and watching movies. She loves animal photography. She also has a huge heart in innovating her own recipe.
Princess Alwin See
Princess Alwin SeeWriter/Researcher
Princess is an accountant who likes to travel and watch different detective movies and variety shows. Her passion for singing and music motivates her to write different song genres.
Christine Joy See
Christine Joy SeeWriter/Researcher
Christine is a Communication Arts graduate. She is an aspiring film director who aims to inspire and educate. She likes adventures and is also an arts and crafts enthusiast.