Technology in modern society

by Krishia Espino

Over the past few decades, our society had undergone many changes may it be good or bad. The behavior of people living in the society had changed since then, seemingly affected by social norms and different beliefs might as well by the impact of technology. While society evolves, different form of technologies has surfaced as it grows with the development of humanity.Technology played a massive role in changing and shaping our society wherein it has become part of our daily lives. It paved us a way towards progress and innovations which helped us make our lives easier every day.

In every aspect of our life, it certainly improved our way of living and granted us power to explore new things, to innovate ideas and certainly the future generation will benefit from it. Through the years, our way of communication improved a lot. New forms of communication emerged. These allow us to communicate and share things better than before, faster and efficiently. Society has never been more connected to others than before.

Living in a modern society where knowledge and information is free and can be found anywhere, it seems that most people can be what they want to be in an instant. But these days the luxury of information wasn’t much of a big deal for some people and it is somehow taken for granted.With the arrival of these new forms of communication, some of the people of today’s society can be perceived as the idealistic ones who actively and openly share their beliefs especially the youth. Through the frequent use of social networking sites, they are able to voice out their insights and opinion about everything expressing their beliefs as well as to spread awareness to help other people.

The Society as they become connected through these new communication tools has never become fully connected as they perceived them to be. These social networking sites serve as a link between one another connecting them but in some cases, from the way some people use it, it seems like it is rather dividing, tearing people apart keeping them away from themselves, from the reality and from the society.It seems that some of the people on the internet had lost the sense of respect from each other invalidating other’s opinion if it did not resonate with theirs. It seems like people have forgotten that it is important to listen and think first with what other individuals had to say and be open to a lot of opinions without engaging into a nonsensical arguments.

I find it very often to see people arguing because of lack of resonating views and I think it is alarming especially in social media. Some people seem to have lost themselves into a false reality where they already forgotten to value personal relationships in their life. Their behavior in social media towards one another can become so welcoming and warm at times otherwise it can be poured with outrage and hate.

With today’s technological and communication advancement, it is no longer hard for us to communicate and connect with other individuals and share information as well as our views. It is important for us to know that it is also our responsibility to value and validate our thoughts before sharing it. We now had a chance to use it as a powerful tool to bring people together, impart our knowledge to influence and serve the society. Though we must know that, one individual must learn to listen to one another, giving them the chance to speak, use their voice and become open minded towards better understanding and communication in our society. The power of social media can be a loud noise to empower people, but the choice is for everyone to make whether they will use it for the better or for the opposite. After all, it is on our part to know our responsibilities as a netizen.

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