The creation of living beings

by Joseph De Temmerman

When looking at all animals of creation, it is striking that the majority of animal beings on earth have common characteristics, to begin with the structures of their bodies. Whether dinosaurs, elephants, humans, birds or mice the basic structure of their bodies are the same. All bodies consist of a skeleton that is suspended from hips. These hips are hinge points that allow the movement of animals and people through a base with two legs. With the birds it’s noticeable that they have wings at the front, while the majority of animals have two front legs next to the important hind legs. The whole body is in a shell of flesh and bones in which all life functions are stored.

This system has been performed worldwide in billions of copies for thousands of centuries through a sequence of generations. This system runs with the precision of an instrument. How is it that, in spite of their diversity in performance, all these species has such uniform characteristics? This reminds me of a group of paintings that although different from each other, one can still recognize it since it was made by the hand of the same creator. The subdivision of almost all living beings into two species, male and female, is even more remarkable: this applies not only to mammals, but also to birds and other life forms. Since the discovery of DNA which indicates a complete plan for the building of their bodies in animals and humans, there is no doubt here a genius hidden from us is at work here.

We as technically savvy people know that nothing can be designed without the involvement of an intelligent brain. Our entire technology was designed by technically skilled minds. Hence, the theory of an Almighty; intelligent Creator of all life on earth is acceptable for us. Some world religions had already reached the same result with other proofs: they see a deity as the creator. However, all religions being an ancient culture have the same problem with their theories: their teachers succeed each other for centuries and during that time they made changes at will to the previous doctrine, which in the course of time differs from the original. The Roman Christian doctrine has undergone opposing teachings during its two thousand years of existence e.g. the role of women who formed a homogeneous community with the men during the time of the first Christians.

Science, similar to religions, has gone a long way with mistakes. There is, however, an important difference between the two: while religions invariably hold their original ideas with unchanged dogmas, science has taken logic as the sole guideline for its research. The great difference between religions and science is that the former have kept their illogical ideas while science has filtered out what was illogical, or has been practically unenforceable in their theories. That is why the scientific findings have now become more reliable than the statements of religions.

People need guidelines to make sense in their lives but because of many contradictions between religions, doubt arises into which guidelines must be followed. Some have simply put all religions aside. Our current generation has the opportunity of bringing back religions that have drifted so far from each other to a uniform and logical guided principles, in which science acts as an arbitrator. In order to unite religions, and if possible to reach a logical correspondence between their different beliefs, we as UTROS, have taken the idea of presenting proven logical positions of science to the religions or worship services with the aim of bringing their different viewpoints closer together, with science as a mediator. Just what science does, religions must also learn to recognize the errors in their doctrine through logical reasoning. In order to come up with a comparison of positions, an agreement must be found on many of the current points of contention. A consequence of this would be that if the religions or worship services mutually adjust their viewpoints, then we will become a step closer to peace and equality among the nations. The religions have so far regarded science as an enemy because science brought to light the irrational form of some rules of faith. This is a wrong attitude: logic-based reprimands must be accepted. The power of knowing science with its usefulness for the common good of mankind has already been sufficiently proven and its guidelines are reliable.

We focus on the current moral behavior of people. This is influenced by the religions or worship services, accepted by their followers as their moral teachers. In order to direct the moral behavior of people, religions must first adopt a more uniform pattern. This can be done by bringing their teachings more in line with the essentials which science as provided us now. This view is correct, but UTROS will still have to pay a lot of costs to make this feasible in practice. All help and support are welcome. We need people of goodwill with life experiences to join our study group.

The moral behavior of the people is too much influenced by the economic situation where the emphasis is placed on “own interest first”. Therefore, we conclude that the Creator of life has created altruism between the creatures as a binder that makes them realize that they have to support each other. The motto “everyone for themselves” of the economy is in sharp contrast to the necessary solidarity between people that the Creator wants. In order to divert the entire economy from its current traits, all moral teachers should now emphasize in their teachings of altruism that must be brought up about between peoples. In order to achieve a good quality of joy in life, a mental attitude of love and compassion to our fellow man is necessary. If these become a general rule of life, it would lead us to a paradise on earth. Therefore, we propose to the religions to include the foregoing with great emphasis in their teachings. We will approach them for this purpose.

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