The garden of mind
by: SV

How a man’s mind can be compared to a garden?

“Good thoughts, good fruits and bad thoughts produce bad fruits”- James Allen

Like plant that originated from its seeds, thus a man from hidden seeds of his thought. The man actions are the product of his thought. Thought that could give him a fruit of happiness and joy or it could be other way as grief and suffering. Man could gather a sweet and bitter fruit age of his own plantation. This will depend if how he will care his garden.

Man’s mind is like a garden he can grow as intelligent and productive as he could be or he can be opposite a dorky and unproductive. Either you will take good care or abandon the garden in your mind, still it will give you an outcome. If you don’t plant a useful seed in your mind, then the useless weeds will grow.

How man can take care of his thought?

“As a reaper of your own harvest of, you can get either pain or pleasure.”

Just like a gardener who love his garden, we must take good care of our mind keep it out from weeds and plant what we needed. Thus our mind is if you; Plant honesty and you will reap trust. Plant love and you will reap happiness and peace. Plant dignity and you will reap respect. But if you plant negative thoughts thus; envy you will reap hatred. Plant hatred and you will reap grief and suffering. Like and old saying said; you can never reap an apple out of orange.

Our minds must weeding out all the useless and impure thoughts and let your mind blooms into the beauty thus the flower and fruits of useful and pure thoughts. Develop and sustain this process and sooner or later we will discover that we are the gardener of our soul. The director of our own movie titled LIFE.

How man’s thought, character and circumstance connected?

“Man cannot hide his thought for his character will uncover it and shape his Circumstance”.

Man’s thought and character are connected it can be distinct and uncover through environment and circumstances. Our outer life must always be coordinate and balance with our inner-self. Hence, it doesn’t mean that our circumstances will show our entire character. Those circumstances were connected with our thoughts which are vital for our growth and development. We were made as being, the thoughts we built can be seen in our character. The character that will bring you where should you supposed to be.

The circumstances that we have are the product our character which cultivated by our thought. Every seed of thought that we plant into our mind will be rooted in there, sooner or later it will bloom into our character and will bear a fruit of its own, either opportunities or circumstances. Once we discover the process of our thought and understand how our mind operate; our character, our circumstances will just follow. As though, everything started in our minds thought.

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