The origin of living beings

by Joseph De Temmerman


To answer the first question we have understand what happens in nature. Science is busy in a fast way to unravel the secrets of nature and its living beings. She is discovering a huge amount of intelligence used in the construction of living beings. While continuing their analysis, the scientists are coming to the conclusion that each living beings is an independent functioning mechanism. If all those mechanism are functioning independently why do we as human need each other? This is a moral question that only can be answered after many other questions are being resolved. 

For a start, of countless amounts of independent mechanisms exist there should be a source, an unknown intelligence who created all this. As humans, we understand now that to create a mechanism we have to use our own intelligence by first creating a concept. 

We have found a solution that corresponds better to our actual knowledge than the older ideas of Darwin.

Since science unraveled the secrets of our bodies’ DNA codes some 10 years ago, all previous theories about the origins of life have become worthless. In the light of this new, so important knowledge, a totally new theory must be established, since this concerns out origins as humans. With the help of this basic knowledge, we will also be able to form a more correct picture for ourselves of how we must behave towards each other as humans. This therefore entails a change in our moral teachings.

DNA is a complete construction plan which explains how (not just we), but also all other complex animal species are constructed. This plan is employed in the womb of all complex living beings on Earth once a female egg has been fertilized to produce a new living being. We now know of the DNA plan that all our genetic characteristics are noted in that plan. This plan exists in a minuscule form which is hidden both inside the sperm of male beings as well as the ova of female beings. It includes all necessary data tp construct a new living body, fed by the energy which is provided by the womb.

Procreation of life from one living being to the next is based on much knowledge which is inaccessible to us. One part of this concerns how duplication of the countless copies of both parents’ DNA occurs. This seems to be an automatic process. In addition, it now also seems that even important experiences during the life of every being are also etched separately into the DNA as parents, so that their offspring share their experiences and character.


We as human beings can understand all these functions, since we possess the same kind of intelligence as the inconceivable and hidden intelligence which has developed these plans for all living beings. We now understand that the whole of Living nature is saturated by the same sort of intelligence as ours. Even insects demonstrate by their behavior that they possess intelligence recognizable by us, because we are also able to understand the “why” of their actions. There must therefore exist on Earth a source from which all this intelligence flows.

Human activities are driven by the same intelligence as the unknown intelligence which has developed our DNA plan, because it now seems that we design our buildings and mechanical structures in the same way in which living beings are constructed. The phenomenon of intelligence therefore seems to be distributed generally throughout nature, and intelligence seems to be distributed unevenly in both humans ans animals. Therefore, this seems to be a basic factor in Nature’s administration, even more incomprehensible than other unknown factors such as time and gravity on Earth.***

We now begin to realize that this intelligence is a factor in Living Nature which leads every living being towards a certain goal. Together, they form a gigantic bundle of temporarily alive mechanical constructions which have two characteristics in common: They are the product of intelligence, and they are also able to produce a copy of themselves! This is the inconceivable secret of the creation of living beings for us. With our machines and robots, we try to imitate these living beings with all the intelligence we possess.

If we compare our human procedures with what happens in Nature, we can deduce from all the knowledge which we have gathered about life so far that life developed some 3 billion years ago in the same logical manner in which we as human beings work to create new things. We are prompted to do so by our seemingly restless intelligence. Since the whole of Living Nature seems to be pervaded by intelligence, there must therefore exist an unknown source of intelligence.

Such an intelligent source must have inconceivable powers at its disposal to suddenly make material things move. In other words: to make the dead material come alive! Since this is what happens with living beings! We notice how new life is created every day in front of our eyes, but the way in which this happens remains an unsolvable puzzle for our limited knowledge. What we do know is how to reconstruct what has been happening in a distant past. I now call this source of intelligence “an omnipotent power which controls all living beings on Earth.” This invisible power designed all life in the same way our engineering offices do. It was logical that to start with, only small scale models were developed when this omnipotence wanted to discover something new, the same way we do!

At this stadium in our evolution as humans we should not be called any more “Homo Sapiens” but “homo Numerans”: the human who uses machines to compute. Here also we copy what we discover in nature: an endless series of procedures as expedients created as automatism to guide living beings in their development to adulthood.

Intelligence as the basis of living beings

Subsequently, based on our greater intelligence, we now discover when we trace back the history of life, that life developed because an Unknown Omnipotence started to develop small living beings on Earth by interconnecting chemicals with each other, which due to the willpower of this omnipotence started to move in reaction to it. These ingredients suffice to form the basic hypothesis to be able to prove the development and the whole evolution of all living beings.

This creation happened in the same way in which our genius fellow human beings develop totally new machines, with the same basic materials. Human geniuses think up a plan of how they will realise their invention. But once one develops a new way of production, derived from the first idea a succession of new ideas develops. This is what we find with all human products, such as trains, cars, planes, computers, etc. Just follow the speed of development which was necessary: barely two hundred years to develop magnetic trains, and over a hundred years for planes and cars, and only some decades to develop business computers.

The whole of creation therefore developed in the same way: some simple designs to start with, which were made able to develop independently later. This omnipotence did not use any mechanical means to move its matter. Its willpower was enough. This is not just a thought, since it has been proven that some remarkable people can also move dead matter by the power of their will. This phenomenon is called telekinesis.

The ancient wise men could only guess that an intelligent omnipotence must exist when they looked at the structure of Nature. Since we gathered enough knowledge to unravel the DNA plan, we now know how the DNA explains in the most minute detail how a living being must be constructed. From the shape of this plan alone, and from the way in which copies are created of this, we understand that the same kind of intelligence, but with infinitely more knowledge than ours, is at work. We also understand that we don’t have sufficient knowledge to describe the omnipotence of this invisible power which has created living beings!

Religions went too far when they started to fight each other because of their different versions of who this omnipotence could be. It is now high time to stop arguing about who this divinity is, and to limit ourselves in the light of our current knowledge to what we actually know. With our limited intelligence, we must now do something we do well: analyse the manner in which creations came about, and according to which natural laws these living beings are connected to each other. This is highly necessary since from this, we will be able to really discern what they call “GOD’s will” as to the way we should behave towards other living beings, i.e. to design logically constructed moral rules of conduct for all humans.

The creation

Small wonder it took a thousand years to establish all these living experiments and to experiment with means of how they should procreate. Today, the structure of the whole plan of Nature is revealing itself to us: an Omnipotent Power has created a collection of living beings with the help of time, coincidence and local circumstances by temporarily moving dead matter and giving means to grow, so that this design keeps working in a mechanically perfect manner for a certain time.

The period of time during which these experiments by this omnipotent power started is also remarkable. This was at the time when the Earth started to take a stable shape. When creating its organisation, this omnipotent power foresaw that living beings would need a source of energy to be able to move. The inconceivable power of creation of this omnipotent power is demonstrated further by the fact that based on this foresight, it developed living plants from nothing, which were able to provide energy and store it in the form of food based on the power of sunlight.

This happened both on the land and in the water, where plankton and marine plants were developed. These were preparations for the next step in the expansion of its organisation of life, i.e. the multiplication of animal and fish species. This provides us with a completely new insight into the inconceivably complex manner in which the organisation of living mechanisms has expanded. This happened with the help of integral automatism’s reactions enabling beings to perfect themselves autonomously. When Darwin understood these automatism in this part of creation, he called the phenomenon of beings correcting themselves the “evolution of the species”. He did not yet know then the actual construction of DNA and other secrets. Today we need similar minds to explain today’s knowledge about the construction of Nature to humanity.

The DNA plan thus seems to already start working from the start, for instance in birds’ eggs, due to the constant warmth during incubation. Did you know for instance that the DNA plan of living beings works so perfectly that once an egg is ready for hatching, the chick inside that egg follows those instructions to break open the eggshell by itself to free itself? Once one starts to understand the wondrous workings of Nature, our amazement at the perfection with which all these living beings have been constructed keeps growing. With the workings of the DNA, the organisation which controls all living beings on Earth provides us with an example of how all living beings are subject to natural laws. An extensive network of such laws was necessary to ensure order whenever the living beings encountered each other, for instance to limit the life instincts of animals and humans inside certain boundaries.

These life instincts in their turn seem to consist of those instincts which can become harmful to the understanding between living beings in a society if they are not used in the correct way. In Nature, an attempt was made to achieve uniformity in the behavior of living beings. This is why concepts of good and evil are incorporated into our DNA plan. Thus with both humans and animals, the presence of altruism is considered a useful characteristic and constantly present egoism a harmful one.


When one compares the behavior of living beings in Nature with the behavior of people towards each other, the one thing which is most noticeable is the lack of altruism as a source of generosity between groups of people compared to what happens in nature. In Nature there is a system of free provision of energy by one type of living beings which supplies energy voluntarily by means of its fruit, or parts of its body (grass) as a means to live for other living beings. There is therefore a tacit giving and taking between the groups. We can therefore split them into energy-providing and energy- receiving living beings. There are for instance some species of fish where from just one ovulation, a thousand new fish are born. This surplus is an expression of innate altruism, with some living beings making this surplus of living food a source of energy which other living beings require to survive.

It now seems that the bonding agent of altruism is indispensable to interconnect the whole of all living beings with each other. The principle of this natural law is sheer logic: If for instance a thousand people spent part of their time caring for their fellow human beings, every human would receive a thousand fold returns from a thousand people! With groups where people have applied this principle of service provision, today’s economies have developed which provide all people with greater prosperity due to exchanging products with each other which are useful to them all.

Nowadays, people should finally understand how many logical lessons, for our own happiness is hidden in the structure of nature. When they are in search of what they call “Gods will” modern humans have all technical means at their disposition: they just have to open their mind, and to do real efforts to understand how nature is functioning.

To summarize: Trees and plants generously share out their abundance of fruit (which are actually the result for which they live) to give other living beings the chance to stay alive themselves. Nature expands this generosity even further by creating much too large volumes of certain animal and fish species. The purpose in life of these animal and fish species is clear: They have been created to end their lives as food for other living beings. This kind of altruism is present everywhere, in the shape of sacrificing one’s own advantage to improve the life of others, therefore seems to serve as a bonding agent to enable living beings to live together harmoniously.

The Almighty Power which designed life has proven its inventiveness by implanting a power of attraction towards each other in living beings. It was logical that the same kind of planning was applied when the principle of attraction between male and female beings replaced the previous systems. Altruism was therefore considered necessary and hence used in the time before the procreation of living beings happened due to the attraction between the two genders. This insight makes the human way of creating things comparable to the method which the Omnipotent Creator already applied billions of years ago: A chain of new inventions is created while developing a basic idea.

It should stun us into a moment of silent awe once we understand just how many versatile powers, superior to the intelligence we are provided with, this omnipotent creative power must possess … The first bonding agent invented (altruism) was necessary to incline the first living beings favorably towards each other. And with the second bonding agent (sexual attraction), the creator achieved a much greater goal: the multiplication of the species of beings. Because this increases the chances that the new being will resemble one of the partners either a little, a lot or become almost the same, this manner increased the chance that a new being will look different than the two beings from which it resulted a thousand fold.

By applying this method to an innumerable number of animal species, an infinite variety of species of living beings were created!

The purpose of human existence

Altruism is therefore the driving force which enables groups of living beings to keep each other alive. On this basis, a system was created to enable all life on Earth to remain in existence for three thousand years. There must therefore exist an abundance of self-sacrifice, i.e. of goodness, between living beings to live in peace. Otherwise the opposite happens: Egoism is actually a lack of goodwill to share our self-interest with fellow human beings! Repeatedly pushing one’s own interests results in sheer maliciousness.

Maliciousness is therefore caused by egoism. People which only see their own interests disrupt the balance of the importance of others. It is only normal that others in their turn will then act in a negative manner. With the evolution of intelligence in humans and animals, we note that with growing intelligence, free will attains the upper hand with regards to innate instincts. This is logical, since intelligence results in a growing self- confidence and thus in egoism. With all more highly evolved beings, one discovers the same phenomenon: An increase of their aggression to defend their own interests, such as their territory, or fights over female beings.

Humans as the most highly gifted beings will have to use their intelligence in a more beneficial manner during the conscious battle between their good instincts and their evil ones. In contrast to animals, they have to learn to act intelligently. This conscious behaviour consists of understanding the consequences of one’s actions. Here we enter the territory of moral understanding. One of the first signs of moral understanding happened in primeval times when humans started to cover their sex as a means to reduce fighting between men over a woman. Later, one affirmed the fact that one woman belongs with one man by making this into a ceremony. These are examples of a conscious use of our intelligence.

This seems to be the purpose a human beings: our creator has given to us the means to become a superior being that should be able by its higher intelligence to invent by itself additional rules of conduct: how to behave morally toward each other.

Later, sages in former times, suffused with altruistic feelings started to expand these regulations much further with trial and error. Due to the large distances involved, they were unable to consult each other. To date, there are therefore no uniform moral rules in existence. Our knowledge today has grown by trial and error. The result: different doctrines remain in existence. All have a common altruistic background, but are contradictory in their details. Our mission is not fulfilled yet.

The objective of our existence becomes clear now: People must align their intelligence towards one goal: to resolve the differences which exist today between the different moral doctrines which instigate enmity towards each other in humans.

This is contrary to GODS will. It is only once all people follow the same rules that we can achieve a peaceful co-existence of all people on Earth! Now, if we were to suffuse our means of communication with more philanthropic thoughts, a breakthrough of goodwill towards each other must be possible.

Natural laws as guidelines

Our intelligence gave us the potential to understand so much about the construction of living beings. Here, experiments with different rules of conduct depending on the function of a species of animal in the same organisation were undertaken. We know that some species of predators were necessary in Nature to act as law enforcers to keep the surplus of the fertility of the species inside certain limits, and to simultaneously promote the herd mentality due to the protection offered inside it. With their method of law enforcement, the organisation proves that a certain kind of harshness is necessary to ensure these laws are followed.

In this, I see a symbol of how the human community will have to be organised. For humans, money has been the general means of payment for the energy provision of humans for centuries. It now seems there are two kinds of people: some who are able to earn an abundance of money, and others who can’t. With those people who can earn plenty of money, their necessary philanthropic feeling clearly weakens and their egoism grows. There seems to be a general trend that when one is busy amassing money, a tendency arises to keep everything for oneself, although the whole community is the cause for one’s individual success.

In Nature, bees provide an example of how wealth must be distributed: The smartest bees fly out to gather honey. But despite their smartness, they don’t keep their honey (the capital of their community) for themselves, but share it with all members of their bee community due to their innate altruism. With humans, the opposite happens.

At this moment, the tendency of the powerful of this world to dominate each other has taken on unimaginable proportions. Currently, a fight to the death has erupted via the stock exchanges. This amassing of capital is made possible by promoting an excess of tax on individual incomes, (easy to trace) and by asking too small a contribution to the general cost of a nation from the corporations (difficult to trace because of their complicity) which are active in the same community.

The power of the corporations resulted from their abuse of rivalry between the nations. It has now got to the point that the power of huge corporations has become so great that they destroy the normal rule and function of democratic regimes and enforce further unsocial measures such as further tax reductions for their already too mighty corporations. This creates an unfair imbalance in the distribution of the riches of the Earth between humans.

In contrast to the Almighty Power, imperfect humans only manage to create imperfect organisations. Our economy today is an example of an imbalance between social needs and the egoism of the corporations. Since serial production was invented, the time gain created this way has not been completely transformed into lower prices for the community. Instead, corporations have kept a large part of this for themselves. This explains their abnormal increase in power.

The image today’s economy presents to humanity is the opposite image of what happens in Living Nature, which keeps itself going eternally due to its perfection: The economy teaches us just how we can expand on our own advantages, i.e. the attribute which destroys the community spirit, while it is just this community spirit which enables people to co-exist peacefully just like a paradise, the way some tribes managed to do for a while.

Our knowledge of Nature teaches us that both with humans and animals, egoism is the killjoy which creates tensions in a community and prevents a peaceful coexistence, and that altruism makes possible the only proper way to coexist. In a book with the title “Introduction to Altruism” I explain how those ideas have been developed during my lifetime.

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